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I'm Too Young for This

LINK: "Young Adults can and do get cancer"


i[2]y exists to ensure that every young adult affected by cancer is given access to the best age-appropriate support they are entitled to in order to get busy living at every stage of their survivorship.

Survival teenagers & young adults in England, 19792003

British J of Cancer, August 2008 online

Seventy K

LINK to "Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patient's Bill of Rights"

Young Adult Patient/Survivor Groups

A growing area for advocacy - many links here

Young Adult Cancer Program, UC Irvine Med Ctr

LINK: Young Adult Cancer Services

Adolescence & young adulthood is a time of growth & personal development. Having cancer at this stage of life poses unique physical, social & emotional challenges.

The Young Adult Cancer Program at UC Irvine Medical Center was created specifically for patients between 18 & 30. Located at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, it is one of the few programs in the nation dedicated exclusively to young adults"

Most Common Cancers in Ages 15-29

Source: UC Irvine, National Cancer Institute 8/08

mAssKicker - this ain't no pity party

LINK: "The purpose of mAss Kickers is to empower people with knowledge, not to specifically advise people how to address each unique situation".

They Call Me Galvez

LINK: Young adult brain tumor survivor site

"He was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. He is a physical therapist who became a patient. He became someone he's always tried to help. He wrote a book, started an organization, started a business. What is he up to now"?

Young Adult Patient/Survivor Groups

A growing area for advocacy - many links here

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