You Can Beat the Odds -BOOK

"Surprising factors behind Chronic Illness and Cancer - the 6-week Breakthrough Program for Optimal Immunity"

Author, Brenda Stockdale

From the back of book "Discover a powerful shortcut to beating the odds when fighting for your health. With this practical guide, you will become skilled at using scientifically-based techniques that have helped survivors for more than a decade. You will learn that shocking risk factors - greater than smoking, diet or cholesterol - can make the difference between robust health and life-threatening disease. Even your genetic inheritance isn't as fixed as you might have imagined".

Brenda Stockdale "has been the director of mind/body medicine for Georgia Cancer Treatment Center for over twelve years. Brenda is now the director of Mind/Body medicine for RC Cancer Centers. She has also been the national program director for the cancer support foundation founded by... Bernie Siegel, MD. Brenda has been featured on national television and radio".

Publisher: Sentient Publications

ISBN 978-1-59181-0797-751895


Sentient Publications, 1113 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302

303 443-2188

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