Yondelis (ET-743, Naturally-occurring Marine Organism

Yondelis™ (ET-743) Phase II

Johnson & Johnson, Pharmaceutical Research & Development

Raritan, NJ and PharmaMar USA, Cambridge, MA

(800) 817-5286

Yondelis is a new anti-tumour drug derived from the marine organism, Ecteinascidia turbinata, a 'sea squirt', or tunicate, found in the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas.

It is a naturally occurring compound in that it is produced by a living marine organism. Yondelis (ET-743) has been extracted from naturally growing and farmed Ecteinascidia turbinata, and a hemisynthetic process has been developed so that the drug may be manufactured chemically.

It is commonly agreed that ET-743 binds to the minor groove of the DNA and inhibits cell proliferation, leading to p53-independent apoptosis of cancer cells.

It was developed by a Spanish company called PharmaMar that specializes in anti-tumor drugs from marine sources.

More at http://www.pharmamar.es

Ann's NOTE: This information came to us as a result of a woman on the trial who posted to the BC METS list. She was telling the others that she has had good results with this product.


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