Worried About CODEX?

Many people who are in the healthcare field using natural supplements fear that if CODEX is adopted into more countries, it will greatly limit our ability to buy supplements.

In fact it could make illegal all health choices other than the pharmaceutical ones as exemplified by the European Dietary Supplements Directives. These are being put into action in the EU (European Union) with great rapidity according to the organization above.

If our access to the type of supplements we feel are needed to maintain or regain our health, this is VERY troublesome. It is better to stop this before it gets to the United States.

Here is one thing you can do:

Go to www.HealthFreedomUSA.org and make sure you write a letter to fax to your Congressional Representatives.

The site offers ways to do it.

Health Freedom USA

LINK to organization taking protective action on CODEX

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