"With the Help of Our Friends From France: Stabilizing & Living..."

"Finding Breast Cancer in America; Fighting It in France"

One woman's story of an extraordinary treatment that stabilized her disease

Santa Barbara, CA--March 7, 2006--Nearly 213,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year, according to the American Cancer Society.

Carol Silverander was one of those women in 1997. Then in 1999, when the cancer spread to her liver, she was given 2 years to live.

So she went to Paris.

'With the Help of Our Friends From France: Stabilizing and Living with Advanced Breast Cancer" documents the stage IV diagnosis that changed Carol's life and the French medical treatments that helped stabilize her cancer. Most importantly, "With the Help From Our Friends" sheds light on a new and scientifically sound way of looking at and treating disease.

Much of "With the Help of Our Friends From France" describes Carol's relationship with Dr. Jean-Claude Lapraz, one of two French doctors who developed endobiognie--a program that uses plant-based medicines (in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments) based on a global diagnosis of the patient's entire body.

With her treatments, over 8 years later, Carol's cancer is still stable.

Throughout the book, Carol learns to be her own advocate as trust in her early doctors wanes. "With the Help of Our Friends From France" gives readers the benefit of Carol's hard-earned knowledge as she learns what tests to ask for, what results are worth worrying about, and why knowledge is power.

It's valuable information for anyone dealing with cancer?including patients, their families and friends.

"With the Help of Our Friends From France" also contains an excerpted chapter written by Drs. Christian Duraffourd and Lapraz titled "Endobiognie and Its Application to Cancer, summaries of Carol's consultations with Dr. Lapraz, a medical test reference page, resources, and suggested reading. It also explains the new developments that have brought endobiognie to the United States.

About the Author:

Carol Silverander received a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona and a Masters Degree in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.

She has traveled the world as an award-winning photojournalist and documentary photographer. She also taught photojournalism and social documentary photography at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Carol was the founder of EthnoGraphics, a multicultural greeting card company that went on to achieve national prominence. Carol and her husband, Michael, live in Santa Barbara, California with their two dogs, Mattie and Katie.

For more information or to set up an interview with the author please contact Carol Weinstock Silverander at 805-682-6482 or carol@silverander.com

BOOK TITLE: "With the Help of Our Friends From France: Stabilizing and Living with Advanced Breast Cancer"

BOOK INFO:(Softcover, ISBN: 0976831619, $15.00 )

AVAILABILITY:Available from www.cmspress.com www.amazon.com, Distributed to bookstores nationwide through Ingram and Baker &Taylor

Download complete information in PDF here: http://bookpublishing.com/ip/includes/target_media/tm_silverander.pdf

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