When Not to Give Radiation 

After Lumpectomy

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ABSTRACT: When not to give radiation therapy after breast conservation surgery for breast cancer

Background and Objectives: A significant proportion of breast cancer patients treated with breast conservation surgery do not receive adjuvant radiation therapy because of advanced age, severe intercurrent disease, or their own preference. We studied patients for whom adjuvant radiation was not performed, to determine whether the rate of local recurrence was acceptable in particular clinical circumstances.

Conclusions: Omission of radiation therapy after breast conservation is appropriate for patients with intercurrent diseases, for those who develop metastases while receiving preoperative chemotherapy and for selected elderly patients. Patients who refuse recommended adjuvant radiation therapy have unacceptably high rates of local recurrence. Omission of radiation for advanced age alone is associated with local recurrence rates comparable to those for younger patients.

J. Surg. Oncol. 2000;74:273-277.

 Comprehensive Recommendations:Radiation Oncology

Source:Medscape Medical News April 2010


A May 2000 study finds risks may outweigh benefits "in the long run", except for some

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