Waking the Warrior Goddess, by Dr. Christine Horner

Over the years since I started helping Dr. Burzynski, I have met many interesting and knowledgeable doctors.

One I recently met whom I am excited about is Dr. Christine Horner, "a retired plastic surgeon from New Mexico who became a breast cancer activist after her mother died from the disease in 1994. At Horner's lobbying, in 1998 Congress required insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction after mastectomy." (taken from a Sept. 18, 2005 article in USA Today.)

See the following website for the rest of this interesting article: http://www.usaweekend.com/05_issues/050918/050918breast_cancer.html

This dynamic and determined woman is on a mission to prevent women from getting breast cancer and other chronic illnesses** by providing them with the information they need to help them do that. During the past months Dr. Horner has been interviewed on many local and national TV and radio shows as well as in magazines and newspapers. She is traveling all over the U.S. speaking at health and medical conferences, hospitals, etc.

It is said that 1 out of 7 or 8 women will get breast cancer. According to Dr. Horner, every 12 minutes a woman in America dies from this disease, and 214,440 cases were diagnosed in 2004. We hear in the media about “breakthrough” therapies.

However, in spite of advances in treatment, breast cancer is still a tough disease to beat. Approximately 43,300 women die of it each year, and a small percentage are males.

Doesn’t it make sense to prevent such an illness rather than have to fight it some day? More and more younger women—in their late teens, 20s and 30s—are being diagnosed with breast cancer. And among women in their 40s, 50s, and older, breast cancer seems to be almost an epidemic.

I believe if women of all ages follow the advice based on the extensive medical research Dr. Horner has presented in her excellent book Waking the Warrior Goddess, they will have a much better chance of never getting breast cancer, preventing it from returning, or fighting it.

If you don't already have her book, I highly recommend it. You can buy it at bookstores or on www.amazon.com at a discount. This is one book you will want to read and keep as a guide for your daughters and for repeated reference.

(**By speaking to many women, I see that many believe they will not get breast cancer because “it doesn’t run in my family.” It is true that if there have been other women in your family with breast cancer, you may have a bigger chance of getting it. The reason could be genetic, but it also could be because you have the same eating habits and lifestyle as those other women.

Whether you have a genetic predisposition or not, according to Dr. Horner and other experts, you can do specific things to greatly decrease your chance of ever getting breast cancer. Doing these things will also lower your chance of getting other chronic illnesses.)

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Horner’s informative and useful website www.drchristinehorner.com

Teaching the Keys to Extraordinary Health:

My Mission and Passion

Do you know you have the power and ability to influence your state of health more than you ever imagined? Well, you do…. Your choices every day significantly influence your chances of staying healthy, or developing a disease, such as breast cancer.

The problem is that most of us don’t know precisely what we should do--or avoid—to bring balance to our mind/body. We don’t have the knowledge of how to create and maintain radiant health. That’s because our Western paradigm of medicine is incomplete.

Surprisingly, the knowledge about how to create perfect health has been with us for many thousands of years, but has been ignored by Western medicine. Research in the last few decades, however, has documented just how effective these “natural” approaches to health are.

Ayurveda, the oldest most complete system of prevention-oriented holistic health, holds much of the wisdom about how to create and maintain health. At the heart of Ayurveda is the recognition of a divine natural healing intelligence that exists in each of us. According to Ayurveda, diseases arise from imbalances that occur when this intelligence is subverted by poor choices, such as certain foods and lifestyles.

These imbalances block the full expression of your healing intelligence, eventually weakening it to where it can no longer keep you healthy. In time, the body begins to break down, and diseases begin to manifest. Health is only regained and maintained by enhancing the healing intelligence, keeping it lively and flowing.

My mission and passion is to share what I have learned about the research-proven ancient techniques that enliven your natural healing intelligence—techniques that produce health, and protect against disease.

My dream is to have this knowledge become common knowledge, so that people can choose with greater awareness to be in harmony with their body in a natural way and the incidences of prevalent disease, like heart disease and cancer, dramatically fall.

My vision is a world where everyone experiences perfect health, and lives life to its fullest potential.

This web site will give you some tips to enhance your inner healing intelligence. My first book, Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Christine Horner’s Program to Protect against and Fight Breast Cancer specifically addresses breast cancer; so much of the information here is directed towards protecting against and fighting that disease.

But what is effective against breast cancer also produces generalized good health, and lowers the risk of most chronic disorders. This information is not meant to replace Western medicine or the advice given to you by your doctor. My intention is simply to educate you about what research shows us. Then, you have the opportunity to decide what to do with that knowledge.

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