Vit D Needed in Infants & Moms

High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Newborn Infants of Mothers at Risk of Vitamin Deficiency

"High prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in newborn infants of high-risk mothers,"

Dijkstra SH, van den Akker EL,

Arch Dis Child, 2007; 92(9): 750-3. (Address: E L T van den Akker, Erasmus MC, Sophia Children's Hospital, University Medical Centre, Department of Paediatrics, Dr. Molewaterplein 60, 3015 GJ Rotterdam, the Netherlands. E-mail: ).

Summary: In a prospective study involving 87 newborn infants of healthy mothers, results indicate that infants of mothers with dark skin and/or mothers who wear concealing clothing may have a greater risk of vitamin D deficiency at birth, compared with infants of mothers with light skin.

Among mothers at risk of vitamin deficiency because of dark skin or the wearing of concealing clothes, 63.3% of infants had vitamin D deficiency, compared to 15.8% of infants of mothers with light skin (presumed not to be at risk of vitamin D deficiency).

Additionally, mean alkaline phosphatase concentrations were significantly higher among mothers with dark skin and/or concealing clothing, compared to mothers with light skin.

Thus, the authors of this study conclude, "Newborn infants of mothers with dark skin or wearing concealing clothes are at great risk of vitamin D deficiency at birth. The clinical implications are unknown.

Further research is necessary to determine the long-term consequence s of maternal and neonatal vitamin D deficiency so that guidelines on vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy can be issued."

August 2007

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