Vitamins as Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Selenium & Prostate Cancer

A protective antioxidant

Toenail Selenium & Risk of Prostate Ca
Vitamin E and C

Evidence shows lowered risk

Association between Tocopherols/Selenium & Cancer
Vitamin E Suppresses PSA expression (& more)
Dietary Supplement Use in Prostate Ca Prevention Trial
Vit E Supplements & Risk of Prostate Ca
Vitamin C and Vitamin K3

Study shows they kill cancer cells

Vitamin D

In men under treatment for prostate cancer 5/00

Vitamin D/Docetaxel & Advanced Prostate
Vit D & Retinoids in Controlling Pca Progression
High & Low Levels of Blood Vit D Higher Risk:Prostate Ca
Vitamin A & Apoptosis in Prostate Ca

J Endocrine-related Cancer, 6/02

Prospective Study: Vit A/C/E/carotenoids-Prostate Ca Risk

Cancer Causes and Control, 8/02

Supplemental Zinc & Prostate Ca Risk

JNCI, 7/03

Use of Quercetin & Ultrasound for Human Prostate/Skin Ca Cells

British J Cancer, 2/05

Study supports prostate cancer benefits of tocotrienols

Nutrition and Cancer, August 2010

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