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It is important for us to remember that there are companies producing supplements who are NOT doing the right thing.

Calling products 'natural' is easy, it does not mean anything, that is it has no (regulatory) required meaning

We need to make sure the companies whose products we buy, are using good manufacturing practices (GMP). How can this be done?

By asking FDA to do the right thing and make companies follow these practices. See the study on this page about Mfg Practices.

FDA pretends it has no power over supplements because an act of Congress (DHSEA) allowed dietary supplements to be handled differently than patented pharmaceutical medicines. But it did not tell FDA not to enforce basic GMP.

Here is the FDA statement page on dietary supplements, with their advice for the public. (It has taken almost 7 years for FDA to prepare their thoughts on how to handle dietary supplements). (Tips for the Savvy Supplement User)

Merck Manual explains vitamin deficiency and toxicity at

American Society for Nutritional Sciences information on vitamins and minerals:

A quote from Leonardo Da Vinci (ODE Magazine November 2007)

"Nature is so delightful and abundant in its variations that among trees of the same kind there would not be found one plant that resembles another nearby, and this is so not only of the plant as a whole but among the branches, the leaves and the fruit, not one will be found that looks precisely like another".

Ann's NOTE: Doesn't this speak to the idea that making herbs or other natural elements 'conform' is a bit absurd?

Ten Cautionary Statements from p 103 "Antioxidants against Cancer" by RALPH MOSS, author, advocate:

1. Do not take very high doses of vitamin A, D or E, except under a doctor's direction.

2. Do not take synthetic beta-carotene, especially if you smoke. Ann's NOTE: Please try everything you can to quit smoking).

3. Do not take high dose vitamin C as a single agent while taking either methotrexate or DTIC.

4. Do not take high-dose vitamin C supplements if you have a hereditary tendency to accumulate iron (hemochromatosis).

5. Do not take high-dose tangeretin, especially with tamoxifen.

6. Do not take NAC while you are taking cisplatin or Adriamycin.

7. Do not take zinc while you are taking cisplatin or carboplatin.

8. Do not take melatonin if you have leukemia or any other proliferative disease of the blood or lymph.

9. Do not take folic acid while you are taking methotrexate.

10. Have your progress checked by a holistic clinician.

Excerpted from "Doctor Yourself" newsletter Vol 4, No 13, June 4, 2004 (Andrew Saul, PhD):

"Why no new, large-scale studies of high dose selenium-vitamin E therapy?

Because drugless therapy is ignored by drug companies, and consequently remains unpromoted and unknown to physicians.

There is no money in products that cannot be patented. Children learn at an early age that mud pies don't sell. No investment is made, no research is done where there is no money is to be recovered.

Drug companies do not expect to find, nor do they want to find, a cure that does not involve a drug".

Please find other studies in the "Information by Cancer Type" section of "Relevant Studies".

Mfg Practices of Dietary Supp Cos

Am J Healthy-Syst Pharm, 2001

Vitamin Mfgs-Cartel Price-Fixing Again???
New Regs for Natural Health Products:Canada
FDA Iniative on Food & Dietary Supplements

Press Release, 12/18/02

Better Safety Control of Dietary Supplements
FDA-Ctr for Food Safety & Applied Nutr


Studies on Antioxidants

12/01 Walter Willett & M.J. Stampfer, MDs

Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention
Vits, melatonin spplmnts & complmntry remedies 4 Pain/Fatigue
Use of Dietary Supplements for Illness
Vitamins & Ca Trtmnt Unwanted Effects
Antioxidants Effective in Inducing Lymphocyte Progression
Dietary Depletion of Vit E/A Inhibits Mmmry Tumor Growth
Antioxidant Supplementation:Reduced Ca Risk in MEN
Use of Antioxidants w/1st Line Chemo in Ovarian Ca (2 cases)
Antioxidants During Chemo/RTx Avoid - see opposite article
Mortality & Antioxidants: Review
Supplemental antioxidants during chemo &radiation therapy?
High-Dose Antioxidants Improve Trauma Outcomes
Linus Pauling Institute

LINK to Oregon State University home to Linus Pauling Institute info on vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals

Vit A /Derivatives

Includes:prevention for younger women,leukemia,neuroblastoma, Also see a Vitamin A protocol in Ann's Bio section

Retinoids-Head & Neck
13-Cis Retinoic Acid & Alpha Tocopherol
Fenretinide for Prevention of Bca
Ocular Effects of Fenretinide
Excerpts from Artemis RN Answers on APL/AML M3 & Vit A Analogue
Vitamin A May Prevent Lung Cancer in Former Smokers
Memorandum to Science Writers on Isotretinoin
Phase 1 Alitretinoin (vit A analogue) and Tamoxifen
D3 & Retinoic Acid Analogues Induce Differentiation
Prospective Study of Carotenoids, Tocopherols & Retinoids
Vitamin A and Breast/Ovarian Cancer
Breast Cancer and Vitamin A
Long Term Effects of Fenretinide on IGF
Vitamin A & Osteoporotic Fractures
Excerpts from Medscape
Retinol Inhibits Growth of Myeloid/Lymphoid Leukemic Cells
Risk of Melanoma & Vitamin A, Coffee, Alcohol
Vitamin E

Study in Nutrition and Cancer, and others on Succinate & Vitamin E

Vitamin E Succinate
Vit E: Mech of Action as Tumor Cell Growth Inhibitors
Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol succinate) & Radiation
Antioxidant-free Diet Slows Tumor Growth in Mice
Defense of Vitamin E from Life Extension Foundation
Vitamin E Reduces Chromosomal Damage/Inhibits Hepatic Tumor (mice
Gamma Tocopherol Inhibits COX2
Involvement of Activator Protein-1 & Apoptosis Vitamin E Succinate
Oxidant-Antioxidant Status & Survival Bca
Vitamin E Suppresses PSA expression (& more)
Doxirubicin/Vit E/Fish Oil (Mice)
Dietary Alpha-Tocopherol Decreases A-Tocotrienol Not Gamma
Vit E Neuroprotective w/Cisplatin
Pentoxifylline & Vit E Regresses RTx-Induced Fibrosis
Alpha-tcphrl & Ascrb Acid, Retinds/CigSmoke
Vitamin E and Cardiac Disease
Vitamin E
Alpha-tea (Vit E derivative) Stops Mets in Mice (Food)
In Vivo Angiogenesis Suppressed by Unsatrtd Vit E Tocotrienol
Study supports prostate cancer benefits of tocotrienols
Vitamin D and Its Analogues

Several studies and some basics about this important vitamin

Vitamin D Analogue Prevents Skeletal Mets
Effects of Synthetic Vitamin D analogues
Vitamin D Analogue Inhibits Growth
Vitamin D and Breast/Ovarian Cancer
Antiproliferative Effect Vit D Analogues
Vitamin D3 Analogues-Unique Class of Potent Inhibitors
Combined Effect of Vita D3 Analogues &Paclitaxel
Vita D Analogue Enhances Response to Chemo/Radiation
Vitamin D in Normal and Malignant Colon Tissue
Vitamin D Analogue
Vitamin D Receptor Gene Assoc w/Bca Risk
D3 & Retinoic Acid Analogues Induce Differentiation
Vit D Nutrition & Benefits for Bone, Ca, more
Vit D Guidelines
Vitamin D in Men w/PSA 'relapse' After Therapy: Good
Vit D Reduces Thrombosis in Ca Pts
Vitamin D study Shows REDUCED Risk for Breast/Colorectal
Chronic pain & Inadequate Blood levels of vitamin D
Vitamin C  Studies

Various Studies

From a study in J Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, November 2008:

"Thus, oral vitamin C has potential for use as a non-toxic, sustainable, therapeutic agent". Find all the details in the section on Forms of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C & Anticancer Activity
Vitamin C
Vitamins C & K3 Kill Prostate Ca Cells
Forms of Vitamin C
RDA Should Be Higher For Women/Men
Get IV Vit C in Case of Hospitalization
Vitamin C and Non-Cancer Issues
High-dose IV Vitamin C: No Pro-oxidative Biomarkers
Alpha-tcphrl & Ascrb Acid, Retinds/CigSmoke
Book - Ascorbate:The Science of Vitamin C
Vit C can damage DNA
Response to Vitamin C Junk Science study
Response: Optimal Wellness Ctr.
Response from Brighton and Hove (UK)
Response: Proprietary Assoc of Great Britain
Response:Matthias Rath, MD
Vitamin C Response-Mid Hudson Options Proj
Responses:Nutrition Science News
Quantity & Frequency: Keys to Ascorbate Therapy
Selenium's Protective Effect

Apparent beneficial effects also for reducing cancer mortality-lung, colon, rectum and prostate

Life Ext Fndn on Dietary Supplements
N-AC & SeleniumControl Tumor & Mets Progression
Selenium Inhibits Mammary Ca in Rats
Co-admin Selenium/Cisplatin: Reduced Toxicity (Mice)
Reducing Cancer Risk w/Selenium
Selenium-Enriched Broccoli & Intestinal Tumorigenesis (Mice)
Dietary Selenite & Rat Colon Ca
Impact: Selenium & Ca Prevention
Selenium & Bca Rate Reduction
Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Food products to be developed possibly

CLA Induces Apoptosis (Rats)
CLA, Body Fat & Apoptosis
Linoleic Acid Metabolites & Ca Risk Reduction
CLA Inhibits Prostate/Colorectal Ca Cells
Epidemiologic Study:CLA in Diet/Post-meno Bca
Conjugated Linoleic Acid/Tumor Growth
Conjugated Linoleic Acid Inhibits Angiogenesis
Isomers of CLA Differ in Their Beneficial Effects
Dietary N-3 To Prevent Cancer: Review
CLA Enhanced Anticancer Effect w/Pluronic F127

Article from Altern Med Rev 1999 and more

75 Citations
Quercetin Inhibits & Acts in Chemoprevention
Anti-Apoptotic Effect of Quercetin
Estrogen Receptor Alpha Mediates Proliferative Effects of Phyoestrogens
Sweet Cherries as a Source
Flavinoid Intake & Chronic Disease (Finland)
Quercetin & Hyperthermia
Oral Ca Cells Inhibited by Dietary Flavonoids-Saliva Important
Flavinoid Boosts Chemo Activity
Naringenin (Grapefruit Flavinone) Inhibits Glucose Uptake
Flavones & Cell Adhesion
Use of Quercetin & Ultrasound for Human Prostate/Skin Ca Cells
Gemcitabine & Flavopiridol (Synthetic flavinoid)
Researcher to Explore Flavonoids & BCa Risk/Survival
Kolaviron/Natl Bioflavonoid (Garcinia kola seeds) (Rats)
Greater flavonol intake assocted w/reduced pancreatic ca risk
Dietary Flavonoid Intake and Breast Cancer Survival among Women on Long Island
resveratrol & quercetin protect cells from exogenous pro-oxidative damage
B Vitamins

Various studies on the B Vitamins

B Vitamins Cut Cancer Risks
Supportive Treatment with Vitamin B1 & PP
A Study of Vitamin B12 in Cancer Cells
Vitamin B-6 Supplemented Diets Compared in Mice
Leafy Greens & B12
Vitamin B2 & Sepsis

J Nutr 1/02

Pharmacological Intakes of Niacin & Bone Marrow
Statement from Dr. Abram Hoffer
Nicotinamid riboside: NAD Precursor
Omega-3 Fish Oils/Fish

Articles on Fish Oil, Farm-raised-Fish/Wild

Fish consumption/cancer
Omega 3 in Human Bca Cells -EPA/DHA
Fish Oil and Wasting (Cachexia)
Reg of Tumor Angiogenesis by Dietary Fatty Acids &EPA
Effects of Genistein & EPA
Wild vs Cultured Australian Abalone: More Omega-3
Short-Chain Fatty Acids Inhibit Colon Ca
Study of Fish Oil and Garlic
FARM Fish Information
Omega-3 Augments Cancer Chemo
FDA Says Canned Light Tuna LESS Mercury
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids,Inflammation/Immunity
Response to JAMA on Fish Oil
After Surgery Feeding w/Omega-3 Esophageal Cancer

Mol Aspects Med 1994 breast cancer study,and more

Medscape Review of CoQ10
Progress on Therapy of Bca w/CoQ10 & Regression of Mets
Emulsified and Oil-based Have Similar Value
Idebenone - Synthetic Analogue of CoQ10
CoQ10 & Tocopherols: Cervical Ca
Hypothermia and CoQ10 Improve Cardiac Arrest Survival
Potential Role for CoQ10 in Pediatric Cardiomyopathy
RCT Co-Q10 in Patients with Renal Failure

Int J Cancer, 12/01

Reducing Copper May Reduce Tumors
Copper Chelator Trientine & Antiangiogenesis
Copper May 'Starve' a Tumor
Removing Copper from Breast Cancer Patients
Alpha-Lipoic Acid as Biological Antiox

J Free Radic Biol Med, 8/95

Alpha Lipoic Acid & Diabetic Neuropathy
Protective Effect Alpha-Lipoic & Liver Toxicity
Alpha-lipoic acid
Alpha-Lipoic Acid Inhibits Cancer Metastasis in BCa Cells
DHEA & Mammary Tumors

Cancer Res, 10/01


Variety of studies cited

Viability and Dose-Response with Mice
Probiotics in Human Disease
Lactic Acid Bacteria & ColonCa (Mice)
Probiotics: genus, species and strains
Lactobacilli, Bifido & Inulin:Rats (colon ca)
Dietary Oligofructose & Inulin
Immune-enhancing Effects: Dietary Fibers/Prebiotics
Physiology of Colonic Metabolism
Non Toxi Potentiation:Chemo- Dietary Oligofructose
Prebiotic Treatment & Colon Ca (Rats)
Probiotics & Helicobacter pylori Infections
Some Sources for Probiotics/Prebiotics
Gut Bacteria Affects Other Organs - probiotics
Micronutrients & Antioxidants

J Nutr, 2/02

Micronutrients and Innate Immunity
Dietary Antiox Protects for DNA Damage (Dogs)
Antiox Status of Dogs w/Dietary Antiox
Nutritional Amelioration of Radiation Damage
Folic Acid/Folate

Various studies

Folic Acid Prevents Gastric Ca in Animals
Lactic, Citric & Folic Acid as Chemoprevention
Synthetic Folic Acid-FOLTX
Folinic Acid Part of Colorectal Therapy
Folate/Vit B6 & Risk of Bca
Pemetrexed W/Wo Folic Acid & Vit B12

J Nutrition, 5/02

Glutathione & Oxaliplatin Neurotoxicity
Oxaliplatin &Glutathione:Thom Jefferson Univ Conference
Glutathione Reduced Toxicity for Cisplatin:Ova Ca
Glutathione Ester & Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss (Rats)
Glutathione Chemoprotective: Bladder Ca
Docetaxel & Glutathione Analog: NSCLC
Bca Chemoprevention-Excerpts

Endocrine-related Cancer, 3/02 retinoids, ganistein, perillyl alcohol, limonene

Combo of Carotenoids, Tocopherols & Retinoids:Bca Risk
Postmeno Bca Associated w/High Intake Omega-6
Total Cysteine Risk of Breast Cancer
Chemoprevent w/green tea/Vit E/Ellagic Acid/Chlorphyllin (Rats)
Assorted Supplements & Multivitamins

Studies, links, etc.

Effect of Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins on Colon/Breast
Pineapple 'Energy' Drink w/carnitine
Omega-3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid inhibits Mammary Tumors
N acetyl-cysteine (NAC)
Calcium & Reduced Risk
Vitamin K (Konakion) & Bone
Zinc and Immune Function
Gamma Linolenic Acid & Tamoxifen
Phosphatidylserine (PS) Boosts Brain Function
Magnesium Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer by 41% (WOMEN)
L-Arginine Reduces Cell Proliferation in Colorectal Ca cells
Vinorelbine & Gamma-Linolenic Acid

Breast Cancer Res & Treatment, 4/02

Screening:Total Antiox/Dietary Plants

J Nutrition, 4/02

Fortification of Foods

Nature News, 4/02

Synth Antiox & Other Substances

Several have been tested

Oltipraz - broccoli/cabbage-like compound
Ipriflavone:Synthetic Isoflavone
Synthetic Folic Acid-FOLTX
Oxomate-Synthetic Compound Like Sulforaphane
Lauryl Gallate Prevents Tumor Formationn (Mice)
Effects of Cyclin D1/ErB/Herceptin/Flavorpiridol
Gastrointestinal Abstracts
Plastic Use w/Nutritional IVs

J Parenter Enteral Nutr, 9/02

'The "Radical" View of Aging'

Book on free radicals and vitamins, phytochemicals

Radical View of Aging
2-deoxy-D-glucose:Chemo Agent

Br J Cancer, 9/02

Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton

SUBJECT: Against Supplement Safety Act S722


Possible uses for breast cancer, leukemia, colon cancer patients and more

Inhibitory: Indole 3-carbinol & Human Bca cells
Diindoylmethane: For Estrogen Metabolism
DIM/I3C Safety Information
Two Talks Excerpted 9/02: I-3C
Indole-3-carbinol/Hepatoxicity ET-743 Protects Female Rats
I-3C Blocks Cancer Cells via molecule called Cdc25A

Jan, 2007 JNCI as reported by NCI Cancer Bulletin

Calcium & Vit D May Reduce Risk of Adenoma Recurrence
Chemoprevent Colon Ca:Calcium, Vit D & Folate
Adding IV Calcium & Magnesium to therapy with Oxaliplatin
Core Nutraceutical Program for Cancer Management

Integrative Cancer Ther, 2006

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