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UPDATED 8/13/07 Ann Fonfa just spoke to Ralph Schauss. He is now 85 years old. He told me he still anwers the phone and receives about 15 calls per day, 7 days a week. I asked him if he had help - he said his daughter and someone else. He WILL take your call.

This is a product created under the guidance of an individual who is not connected to a cancer center. It has been around for some time. It contains 11 main ingredients and 7 trace minerals.

It is used both internally and externally. The inventor of this product speaks to each patient and advises on how to use the herbal mixture. I spoke to him at length one day in August, 1999. He takes a history of your disease and tells you the specific amount and which mixture will be beneficial. I asked for a list of others who had used the product successfully and he did provide one.

According to information I have received from several sources, the herbal extract can be added to any kind of juice, water or even food. It can be placed in gelatin capsules. You must drink a full glass of liquid with it.

The product has been used by very young children and by the elderly. Apparently you cannot overdose and no toxicity level has been found. (CAUTION: some people could be allergic or sensitive to an ingredient. As I am "chemically sensitive", I sometimes react to unusual stimlulus).

The inventor also likes people to keep in touch and let him know how they are doing with the herbal extract. It is said to take from 30 to 60 days to begin working effectively. Remission can be identified in most cancers within 5 to 9 months they say. Cancer cells do not develop tolerance to the product.

It is stated that users may experience a "healing crisis" where they feel worse before getting well. Blood markers and conventional bone scans, X-rays, MRI or CT scans are said to be inaccurate for the first 3-4 months under this treatment. Some people report shooting pains surrounding the cancer or tumor area.

The herbal mix is also said to eliminate internal parasites and improve colitis and other digestive impairments. Patients may experience diarrhea, intestinal gas or pain for a few days or weeks.

It is said to work well with autoimmune diseases as well.

The protocol is complex in terms of how often, when and how much so you must contact one of two organizations that offer this treatment in order to benefit.

It is not FDA approved and has never been clinically tested.

Information from:CANHELP, 1994 posting (Patrick McGrady, Jr):

"Vitae Elixxir is an option that appears to have succeeded in arresting even some advanced cancers. After talking to a dozen people who have tried this herbal extract mixture for their advanced cancers, I believe it may turn out to be extremely useful for both prophylaxis and treatment.

Let it be said this has not undergone any rigorous independent testing or peer-review publication. This is an herbal mixture sold to cancer patients by a Casper, Wyoming man by the name of Ralph Schauss. It is relatively inexpensive (about $175 for a two months' supply), and he does not advertise. I was referred to a half-dozen patients by Mr. Schauss (he is not a doctor of any kind) with very difficult, advanced, and pretreated tumor situation -- and all of them responding with absolutely remarkable remissions and stabilization, for several years for the most part.

I talked with each one and was impressed with their credibility. A client of mine spoke with 40 cancer patients referred to him by Mr. Schauss, and said all but 2 had very positive things to say about the benefits they received from this concoction. This very thick, bad-tasting herbal formula also seems to regulate several other degenerative conditions including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lymphomas, leukemias and multiple myeloma.

The therapy is adversely affected by hydrogen peroxide therapies. Normal dosage, as I understand it, is from 2 to perhaps as many as 20 drops in liquids daily. Schauss is a friendly man and says that he is always willing to advise cancer patients on dosages and the need for a concomitant positive attitude and lifestyle changes. This is a therapy without documentation, without a physician to monitor it (neither of which I'm happy with), but with such powerful testimonials I cannot ignore it.

But you certainly may. If you are curious, however, Ralph Schauss' address is P.O. Box 3857, Casper WY 82602.h Phone: 307-266-5310. He will return your call if you mention the name of someone he knows. I should add that almost every day I come across other people who have used these drops with great benefit."

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