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Ann Fonfa, founder and president of the Annie Appleseed Project said in March 2010 in an email sent to a consumer advocate listserv:

"While FDA does inform the public two days ahead - how useful is that? I have questioned this many times with no good answers. They say it is to 'protect' the submitting company and their data.

But there are no real secrets within an industry so it usually turns out that the only folks who are not clear what is going on are the patient advocates without access to the information behind the invitation.

For example - being told that the drug X is going to be discussed, does not yield any information TO discuss! Further two days is too short to make low-cost travel arrangements in case an advocate wants to comment. I find this very limiting".

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Posted 6/08

Your Guide to Reporting Problems to FDA:

FDA 101: How to Use the Consumer Complaint System and MedWatch

Sentinel Network for Adverse Event Reporting

March 2007 FDA meeting

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Dietary Supplements

CNN Article 4/12/01
Dietary Supplement Health & Educ Act of 1994
Testimony 6/8/99
In vitro diagnostic multivariate index assays -  FDA

Posted February 2007

Advocate Helen Schiff, NYC

Recommendations on FDA & Drug Safety

Arch Intern Med, 2006

Testimony of Helen Schiff, Advocate on Abraxane

FDA ODAC Hearing, 9/06/06

FDA 6/7/99 Time to Disease Progression as Standard?

Amazing discussion: Time To Progression

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August 2001

FDA Sued for Refusing Labels on Antioxidants/Cancer

July, 2001 Reuters Health

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December 2001

FDA Okays Speedier Medication Reviews
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Patient, Consumer, & Public Health Coalition: Generic Drug UserFee
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January 2002

FDA/Industry Guidelines for Disclosure

Boston Globe, 3/21/02

Industry Influence on Federal Advisory Committees
Letter to Dr. Lester Crawford, FDA Acting Commissioner
Dutch & Pharma Ads/Mktg

Press Release Health Action Int'l 6/19/02

Effort to Prohibit Scientists w/Direct Conflicts on Panels

Letter in Support of Senator Durbin, Representative Hinchey June 8, 2005

Expanded Access to Investigational Drugs

FDA Comment period until March 14, 200

Ann Fonfa's Comments to FDA: Access to Drugs
Lilla Romeo, Pt Advocate Quoted on Limits to Anemia Drugs

New York Times, May 9, 2007

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BCPT1:Tamoxifen hearings 1998

Perspective and summary from Sharon Batt, a Canadian activist

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Oncological Drug Advisory Committee meets on Avastin

July 20, 2010

Testimony of Roberta Gelb SHARELeaders
Fran Visco, President NBCC Letter on Avastin
Concerns: Policies/practices re FDA Advisory Committee meetings.

Letter sent October 26, 2010 Many groups signed on including Annie Appleseed Project

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