U.S. Based Clinics

We make no statments about the success of these clinics. We do not know about them from our personal perspectives. If anyone has been to any of these places, please give us your personal feedback.

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NATIONAL Cancer Research Foundation - Cellect

Comments from Fred Eichorn, 4/03

Joe with Lung Sarcoma - November 2005
Story of Mark with Pancreatic Ca and Liver Mets
Linchitz Medical Wellness

LINK: "When IPT is combined with diet, supplements, and immune stimulation & other I.V. therapies, the potential benefits can be multiplied".

Dr. Linchitz is speaking at our March 3-5, 2011 4th Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies conference.

Block Medical Center

LINK: Integrative Oncology in Skokie, IL

"...offer(s) you the medical care, physical conditioning, psychological counseling & personalized help you will need to best navigate the physical, emotional, insurance & financial challenges that a cancer diagnosis presents".

"By combining universally accepted conventional therapies with an integrated multi-disciplinary treatment plan, we at the Block Center provide uniquely personalized care for the treatment of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma, leukemia & other such diseases.

The Block Center treats the whole person. Our physicians, specialists and staff offer healing, recovery, life & living strategies for people with cancer".

Geffen Cancer Foundation Inc.

LINK to Colorado clinic-research, programs, services

Ctr For Improv  Human Functng Int'l

LINK to Wichita, KS clinic "The Bright Spot for Health" Vitamin C administered here

Dr. William von Peters, N.M.D., Ph.D.

LINK to Ft. Ogelthorpe, GA Clinic

Immuno Energy Therapy

McAllen, TX

Hippocrates Institute

LINK to site for Ann WIgmore healthcare, wheatgrass, live foods, etc. Spa-like West Palm Beach, FL

God's Herbs Clinic

LINK to Port Charlotte, FL, Dr. Robert Morse

Immune Recovery and Wellness

LINK to clinic, Tucson, Arizona. Run by health care professionals combining medical science & alternative cancer therapies in their care of patients.

Immune Recovery Clinic

LINK to Dunwoody, GA clinic (Mentioned by www.getandstaywell.com)

Elephant Pharmacy Integraties Conventiona & Alternative Therapies

Source: Medscape Pharmacists, 5/06

References for Elephant Pharmacy article
New Hope Health Clinic

LINK to clinic in Jenks, OK

Ctr for Study of Natural Oncology

LINK to California-based clinic and website info

Cole Center

LINK to Cincinnati, OH-based clinic

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Info and a LINK

Chris tells his sister about Cancer Treatment Ctrs of America
FDA Okays Cancer Trial with Vit C
Seattle CTCA Offers Foods to Fight/Prevent Cancer
Valley Cancer Institute/Bicher Cancer Institute

LINK to Los Angeles, CA clinic offering Hyperthermia

Rudolf Steiner Health Center

LINK to clinic in Ann Arbor, MI treating cancer and other chronic illnesses using anthroposophic medicine.

Saint Mary's The Wege Institute

LINK to "healing through Holism" includes acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage, homeopathy, biofeedback, etc. Cancer Ctr in MI

Foxhollow Clinic, Health & Day Spa

LINK to Louisville, KY Day Spa, Holistic Massage etc.

Center for Holisitic Medicine

LINK to Chicago-area comprehensive care & wellness

Xytos Biotech

LINK to Photodynamic Treatment Ctr., in Indianapolis. Treatment involves absorption (under the tongue), by patient, of XYTOS sensitizing agent XyChloro. It attaches to cancer cells & passes through healthy cells. XyChloro is then activated by light & sound & process kills cancer cells leaving healthy cells unaffected.

The Four Fold Healing Clinic

LINK to San Francisco-based Dr. Tom Cowan. Variety of services & community kitchen

Buchholz Medical Group. Mountain View, CA

LINK "serving needs of patients & families facing cancer & other medical illnesses. Our office believes in the principles of Pranja (Wisdom or Understanding), Karuna (Compassion) & Seva (Service)

Dr. Arnold Smith's Cancernet

LINK to Dr. Smith at North Central Mississippi Regional Cancer Center

Natural Horizons Wellness Center

LINK to clinic in Fairfax, VA offering IPT (low-dose chemo approach) plus various healthy programs.

KokoLulu Cancer Retreats, Hawaii


"Kokolulu Cancer Retreats Program in Hawaii. This program is designed for people who have been diagnosed with cancer, been through treatment, and are now identifying ways to rekindle their spirit and live with passion, purpose, meaning, and joy".

Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Ctr

LINK to naturopathic care team (affiliate of Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

An Oasis of Healing - Mesa, AZ

LINK: "bringing together of the most effective therapies in the conventional medical arena as well as the most effective therapies in the non-conventional and natural medical disciplines from all over the world".

Myrna Bind Center for Integrative Medicine

LINK to:

Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Camelot Cancer Clinic

LINK to clinic using DMSO in Tulsa, OK.

Eden Valley Institute - Colorado

LINK: "At the Eden Valley Lifestyle Center we use an alternative treatment program called NEWSTART, based on nature’s eight health factors for holistic living:

Natural diet regular Exercise hydrotherapy (the use of Water in healing) Sun exposure Temperance (abstinence from harmful substances and the moderate use of those substances which are healthful) proper breathing (Air) restorative Rest positive faith and attitude (Trust)

St. Josephs Hospital, Texas

LINK to videos and (too) many pieces of information, but sincere

Simms/Mann UCLA Ctr for Integrative Oncology

LINK: " designed to help patients their families optimize their wellness & address the challenges brought about by cancer & its treatments".

Centre for Natural Healing

LINK: Donnie "Yance's Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS) is the cornerstone of the CNH integrative approach, which provides a unique source for clients in search of effective wholistic healthcare, especially for those affected by cancer, heart disease, & other chronic health conditions". Ashland, OR

Antineoplastons: Dr. S. Burzynski

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski Clinical trials/Houston, TX

Gene-Targeting Therapies On Advanced Pancreatic &Liver Ca
9/02 Update on Trials w/Antineoplastons
March 16, 2004 Clinical Trial Results
Antiumor Effect Antineoplaston AS2-1: Colon Ca
Patient Perspective - Stage IV Breast Cancer
Susan Zimmerman, artist, cancer survivor
Targeted Therapy w/Antineoplastons - Gliomas
Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center

LINK: Pasadena, CA based clinic, Simon J. Barker, ND · Daniel Brousseau, DO

Therapies include: Iscador (Mistletoe) Bioidentical Hormone Replacement IV Therapies - - IV Micronutrient Therapy - IV Vitamin C Detox

Contemporary Medicine

LINK to clinic in Burr Ridge, IL Outpatient only, uses IPT/nutrition/more

1/2011 We were just told that Steven G. Ayre, M.D. has retired and his partner now runs the clinic.

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