Using a powerful holisitc therapy known in Chinese Medicne

and other ancient traditions.

By Ann Fonfa

This is another name for urine therapy. I first learned about this in the summer of 1995. A friend of mine and I stumbled across a chiropractor from Japan who was teaching "barefoot" medicine techniques in Harlem.

It seems that drinking your own morning urine is well known in some circles. It is being used in the AIDS community as well as for cancer and other illness.

The liquid is sterile and perfectly safe when it comes from your body. As long as you do not put the cup up to your genitals, it is NOT contaminated in any way.

According to the four books I have and an article I found in WomanWise 1996 by Adelgunde Kazda, this is an old therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. India, China, Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, etc. were places where this was part of medicine.

Premarin, a hormone replacement therapy is made from the urine of pregnant mares. Urine has been used in many industries. A Greek researcher isolated urea(used in anti-wrinkle creams) and creatine for use in tumors of the eye. He experimented with rabbits and had some success in reducing the tumors. Urine can be used for wound healing also.

Urine consists of 95% water, 2.5% urea and 2.5% other. It contains amino acids as well as many vitamins AND cancer growth inhibitors. Modern research continues to find many uses for urine. And we can use it ourselves at no cost. Here is how:

The best urine is your morning flow. Upon awakening each day, I have about 8 ounces of distilled water. Then I take a cup and urinate into it. I allow the first few seconds of flow to go into the toilet, then I drink most of the rest. You can drink it at other times but it contains the most beneficial portions in the morning.

My mother became very upset when she heard that I was doing this. I had to explain it to her fully. Now it is over 4 years since I began.

Urine is also useful for people who do not have cancer. One of the books is called "Your Own Perfect Medidcine" under the theory that your own urine will contain exactly what you need to remain or regain health.

"Your Own Perfect Medicine" Martha M. Christy published by Future Medicine, Scottsdale,AZ "The Water of Life" J.W.Armstrong published by the CW Daniel Co. Ltd of the UK "The Miracles of Urine-Therapy" Dr. Beatrice Bartnett(Naturopath/Chiropractor and Margie Adelman L.M.T., C.N. published by Water of Life Institute, PO Box 22-3543, Hollywood, FL 33022-3543 "Uropathy, the Most Powerful Holisitc Therapy" Martin J. Lara self-published, contact him at 599 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225-3807 (781)774-1167

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