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There are good things and bad things about almost everything related to cancer. This is true in the tools we use for 'early' detection too. It is estimated that by the time we find a tumor in the breast, it has been there for at least 6 years. (6-10 years is the usual). In the colon, which is easily viewed, various stages of carcinogenesis have been identified. There are pre-malignancies that gradually become more cancer-like over time.

So 'early detection' is relative. With colon cancer, it is speculated that foods and dietary supplements can intercept the cells on their jouney toward the cancer state. From our perspective (as educated patients), this is probably true for breast and other cancers as well. We believe what we EAT matters. (see section on this page dealing w/food and dietary supplements).

We are gathering various articles, studies, etc. that are about issues of importance to breast cancer patients and advocates. Some may translate to other cancers's issues.

Aliss T. has this to say about the way statistics (re radiation after lumpectomy) are quoted to those of us interested in complementary/alternative, natural therapies:

"I think it's a meaningless, blanket statistic. Lumping in women with large tumors, different kinds of cancer, multiple tumors, very aggressive tumors, women whose tumors have poor margins (much more likely to recur) and missed tumors. When you look at the statistics for small single tumors, lots of receptors, good margins, DCIS versus invasive or lobular vs. tubular etc., whole foods high-antioxidant diet vs. smoking, Twinkie eaters, the picture is dramatically different.

Personally I think the docs throw those stats at us to SCARE us into complying with the only treatments they have to offer. (omigod, you mean I have an almost one in two chance of having cancer again??? Doc ya gotta save me!) If you carefully draw up your own profile and add up all the anticancer things you are doing to help yourself prevent a recurrence, you may find that your own risk of local recurrence is actually LOWER than the 1 in 8 risk of the average women getting cancer at all".

On the other hand, you may just want to cultivate an optimistic outlook and LIVE despite the statistics that say you should have a local recurrence by now just because x number of women do".

Cognitive Dysfunction (Chemo brain), and other unwanted effects from chemo, see Relevant Studies-Conventional Therapy

See Breast Cancer Issues main page for sections on Hormones, Family/Hereditary Ca and more.

Therapy Rethought: Chemo

Studies on chemotherapy & breast cancer Updated often - 10/31/07

Small Breast Tumors May Not Need Chemo
Systemic Overview of Chemo Effects
Testing if Chemo is Needed
Scintigraphic Imaging & Chemo Response
Estimate: 1-20 out of 100 Benefit w/Chemo
Less Chemo Given to African-American Women
Preop Chemo: NO SURVIVAL Advantage
Higher Levels of uPA/PAI-1 Predicts Better Response to Chemo
No Clinical Impact to Reductions in Adjv Chemo: BCa
"Shift in Treating Breast Cancer is Under Debate"
Adj Therapy & Cognitive Function - Chemo Brain
Who Benefits From Chemo in HR+, Node+ Postmenopausal Breast Cancer?

An article from Alternative Medicine Magazine, Sept. 1999 There is also a link here

Patient Perspectives
Thermography Information
Computerized Thermal Imaging (CTI)
Mass Gen Hospital: Clinical Trial Thermal Imaging
Thermography as Treatment
Presentation by Therma-Scan (Pt Report)
Efficacy of Computerized Infrared Imaging
Infrared Imaging Tech & Biol Appl
New Therm Applications: Risk Assessment/Diag
Microvessel Density & Therma Hot Areas:BCa
Computerized Detection BCa:Artfcl Intlgnce/Thermograms


From Mammography Matters
SECOND Opinion w/Mammography
Breast Density A Factor
ACS Guidelines for Early Detection
Screening Mammo Yes/No? Survival Benefit?
Clinical Breast Exam/Mammo?
Mammography Fails in Most Younger Women
False Positives (Two Versions on a Study)
Breast Cancer Grade-Evidence From Screening
Neg Predictive Value of Sono w/Mammo
TrueScan Technology
Timing & Mammography
Radiation Risk From Screening Mammos
Scintimammography: A Review
Danger & Unreliability of Mammos: Breast Exam?
Position Helps Mammograms Detect
Screening Tests-How They Work/or Not
Fibromyalgia & Mammography=Pain
Invasive Lobular Ca & Mammos
Women w/BRCA 1/2 Needing Mammograms More Often?

Female and male issues

Pregnancy & Overall Survival
Higher intake of protein from vegetable sources = lower risk ovulatory infertility
Pregnancy & Radiation
Pregnancy & Chemotherapy
Fertility Options Assessed
Risk of Late-stage After Childbirth
Breastfeeding & Reduced Risk of Bca
Large-Core Needle Safe/Effective
Female Childhood Cancer Survivors
Review:Pregnancy & Malignancy
Nausea/Vomiting: Acupressure Wristbands
Product to Help with Vaginal Dryness
Help For Sexual Problems: Men & Partners
Infertility After POMB/ACE Chemo/Rads
Different Gene Expression in Breast After Pregnancy
Pregnancy Lower Back Pain & Acupuncture
Tamoxifen and Pregnancy
Young Moms with Breast Cancer
Various Pre-Cancerous Treatments & Pregnancy Problems
Breast Tumor Progression

A recent study (1999-2000)

A Look at Bilateral and Unilateral Breast Cancer
Wait-And-See Approach & Risks
DCIS with Stage 1 Improved Prognosis
Is it Early Detection?
Does Surgery Accelerate Distant Mets?: REVIEW
"Salvage" Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy

A study yields valuable information for patients

Phantom Breast Sensations After Mastectomy
Lumpectomy w/wo RT-Same Survival shown
Segmental Lumpectomy and Spread of Ductal Bca
TEA versus General Anesthesia:STUDY
Treatment for Wound Seroma After Surgery
Repeat Lumpectomy: Preliminary Results
Saline Instillation Improves Cosmetic Results in Lumpectomy
Double Mastectomy May Not Improve Survival
Clinical Breast Exam/BSE

Medscape-Women's Health 2000 An important aspect of breast health

Ann Fonfa's on BSE (response to Canadian study)
Support for BSE & Clinical Exams
Barron H. Lerner on BSE
Testing the Independence of Two Diagnostic Tests
Patterns, Predictors in Bca Detection
BSE for Teenagers: Teaching Program Outcome
Triple Assessment of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
PC SPES for Women

Which group might benefit?

TIMING of Surgery/Chemo, etc.

Yet another study suggests its importance

Dr. William Hrushevsky
Mammo Density and Changes by Menstrual Cycle
Surgery and Monthly Cycle
Predictability of Monthly/Yearly Rhythms of Bca Features
Timing:Mastectomy & Oophorectomy
High Pre-Op Estrogen Does NOT Improve Survival
Impaired Body Clock Speeds Tumor Growth (Mice)
Fertility Cycle Influence on Surgical Breast Cancer Cure
Timing of Adjv Chemo: Menstrual Cycle, BCa
Normal Breast Lobular Arch & Menstrual Timing
Breast Ca Growth & Investigations of Adj Surgery: TIMING
Circadian Sensitivity toCyclophosphamide: Mice
Delays in Breast Ca Diag/ Trtmnt Rcil/Ethnc Grps

Journal of the National Cancer Institute, April 2000

Erythropoietin /Anemia Drugs:WORSE Survival
Decrease in Physical Functioning From Treatment
Breast Carcinoma in Women Age 25 or Less
Optimal Therapy for Primary & Mets (excerpts)
Prognostic Signifi:Complete Path Response
Update on NSABP Protocol B-04
Lateral Lesions & Better Survival
Comparison:Radical Mast/Lumpectomy
B06-20 Year F/U: Mast/Lump w/wo RTx
Long-Term Mortality
ER & Patterns of Bca Recurrence
Taxanes in Adj Early Stage Bca
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Genotypes
10 Year Outcome: Node Neg w/NO Systemic Therapy

A May 2000 study finds risks may outweigh benefits "in the long run", except for some

alpha-Tocopheryl Succinate:A Review /Rads support
Interstitial Implant Rtx
Increased Risk of Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Pulmonary Sequelae of RX
RT After Lumpectomy: Long Term Followup Results
Death of Alice S. Trillin, Age 63
Outcomes in Women with Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutations
Radiation Vs Chemo First
Taxol More Likely To Cause Lung Problems
Intra-Operative Radiation
Location of Contralaterl Bca After RtX
HypoARC & High Risk Bca Pts
Prone-Position Bca RTx
Curcumin & DES During Irradiation Reduced Incidence of Tumors
Bca RtX Doses Cause Later Problems
Lung Ca After Bca-DO NOT SMOKE
Environmental Factors & P53 Expression
What Lies Within - A book on Experiencing Radiation
D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate
Margin Distortion & Compression Plate
Pain After Partial Mastectomy
Rads, Chemo & Hormonal Factors After Hodgin's Disease
Test Identifies Serious Late Toxicity: RTx
Pentoxifylline & Vit E Regresses RTx-Induced Fibrosis
Older Women May Skip Radiation for Safety
Tamoxifen w/Radiotherapy: CAUTION for Radiosensitive Pts
Homeopathic Treatment of Radiation-induced Itching
Various Diagnostic Tests

Nuclear Matrix Protein already approved for bladder cancer.

Genes Assoc w/Types & Stages of Bca
MammaPrint Test (Agendia)
Optical Biopsy Uses Light
Vitamin B12 Imaging for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
NASA Probe Diagnoses Cancer in an Instant
Blood Flow & Metabolism in LABC
Cancer Screening & The Individual
Breath Test for Bca
Associations of HPV & Breast Cancer
New Breast 'Pap' Smear
Smoking Issues

Various articles

Smoking Associated with ER (-) Bca
Smoking and Reconstruction Risk
Lung Ca Risk w/ Breast Ca Smokers
New Link Between Smoking and Cancer
P53 Mutations Associates w/Smoking
Exercise Does NOT Protect Smokers From Cancer
Smoking in Teens Increases Risk of Bca
Selenium's Protective Effect in Ex-Smokers
Smoking & Plasma Antioxidants
Familial Risk Lung Ca Reduced w/Folate & Vit B6
Smoking May Spread Cancer
Vit C Supplement Decreases Risk in NonSmokers
Green Tea:Prevent Oral Ca in Smokers
Secondhand Smoke
Lower Rate of Smoking in Female Lung Ca Pts
Non-Hodgkin's L & Type of Tobacco Smoke
Smoking Cessation:Cancer Survivors
Philip Morris' Methods 2 Discredit EPA Rprt:Secondhand Smoke
Beta-Carotene & Smokers (After Use)
Cigarette Manufacturers Target Women
NO Long-term Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking
Smoking, Cancer Deaths & Asian-Americans
Fine Needle Aspiration/Stereotactic Core Biopsy

May shed cells into bloodstream Study 10/00, Oncology

Needle Biopsy & Sentinel Node Metasases:Breast
Stereotactic Core Needle Biopsy
Breast Mass Removal Via Lump Extractor
Four Needle Biopsy Optimal
Prognostic Significance of Tumor Cell Proliferation (FNA)
Gene Expression Correlates w/Response to Chemo
Photodynamic Therapy/Diagnosis

Study BMJ January 2001

PDT: Locoregional Breast Ca Recurrences
Photodynamic and Locoregional Bca Recurrences
PDT Review
PDT Useful After RTx
New Method for Photodynamic Therapy
Environmental Issues w/Bca

Int J Cancer, Feb 2001

Mix of 4 Organochlorines Can Affect Human Bca Cells
Combined Exposure to Organochlorines
Pesticides/Herbicides/Chem & Breast Ca
Women Who Work Predominantly at Night: Bca Risk
Link: Birthplace/Residence at Menarche
Electric Bedding Devices/Risk of BCa:Afri-Am Women
Early Environmental Exposures & Breast Cancer
Why are early maturing girls less active?
Bisphenol A Linked to Chemotherapy Resistance
S Phase & uPA as Markers

J Clin Oncol, April 2001

S-Phase Fraction and DNA Ploidy
Euro Data on uPa and PAI-1
Clinical Relevance of Invasion Factors Best in Combo
uPA/PAI1 & HER2 Status:Node Negative
S Phase Valuable Predictor of Survival: Node Neg
Pooled Analysis uPA and PAI-1 on Adj Thrpy: BCa
Clinical Significance of Mets in Bone Marrow

The Oncologist, 4/01

Occult Axillary Node Mets Are of NO Prognostic Significancer
Harmonic Imaging:Breast Cysts

May 2001

Fibrocystic Breasts:Treatment Ideas
MUGA Scan for Heart with Low-risk Bca

Am J Clinical Oncology, 7/01

Surgery Major Factor:Bca Micromets

Br J Cancer, August 01

Margins of Excision & Recurrence
Study:No Surgery Decreases Survival
MRI Articles

Variety of studies and information Includes LOBULAR

Evalu of Indeterminate Mammo/Sensitivity-Specificity
MRI: Differentiate Benign/Malignant
MRI w/Focused Ultrasound
MRI guided laser lumpectomy
Dedicated MRI (mfg)
Imaging Neoadjuvant Bca w/MRI
MRI Plus Mammos Best for High Risk Bca

11/2000 An article about this procedure-still VERY early stages

Radiofrequency Ablation in Pts with Bca
Clinical Utility of Bilateral Whole-breast US/Dense Tissue
Microwave Therapy Improves Chance of Saving Breast
Majority of Examined Ultrasound facilities NOT Quality
Fewer Biopsies W/Ultrasound
Ultrasound with Power Doppler
Autoimmune Thyroid Disease & Bca (Greek study)

European Journal of Surgical Oncology, 11/01

Other Cancers:Risk

Clinical Cancer Res, 1/02

Endocrine/Hormonal/Aromatase Therapies

Oncologist, 12/01

Zoladex (Goserelin) = Standard Chemo ER+
Lupron Lawsuit
Unwanted Effects: Adj Endocrine in Pre-Meno Bca
Aromatase Inhibitors Treatment Guidelines
Report Unwanted (side) Effects of Aromatase Inhibitors
Cardiovascular Reserve & Risk Profile AFTER Hormonal Thrpy
Tricyclic Antidepressants & Breast Ca

Br J Cancer, 2/02

Dopamine Antagonists & Increased Risk
Adverse Dental Effects from Antidepressants
Review of Research on Antidepressants/Bca
Antidepressants supress Tamoxifen's Value
Depression & Diagnosis/Treatm/Survl:Older Women BCa
Antidepressents Prescribed for WOMEN at Cancer Ctr
Study of Unilateral Multiple Breast Cancer

J Japanese Breast Cancer Soc, 12/01

Multicentric Disease-same disease-free survival
Breast Conserving Surgery for Multicentric Bca
Skewed X chromosome:Ova/Breast

J Medical Genetics, 2/02


Breast Cancer Research, 2/02

Circulating Testosterone & PSA in Nipple Aspritate Fluid
Diet : Micronutrioent Level in Nipple Aspirate Fluids
Ductal Lavage May NOT Detect Breast Cancer
AGE Related Issues

The Breast, 2/02

<35 Years Old with Operable Breast Cancer
Studies of Older Women
Younger Women & Breast Cancer
ER/PR+, Post-men Women & Adj Chemo?

Euro Breast Cancer Con, 4/02 DEBATE

Adjuvant Anthracycline w/Post-meno Bca
Hormone Thpy & Memory/Cognition:Among ATAC Pts
Breast Cancer Recurrence

Cancer, 5/02

Receptor Positive Post-meno: Adjuvant Chemo?
BCA in Surgical Scars
Risk Factors & Locoregional Recurrence
Chest X-ray Needed with Symptoms NOT on Schedule
Surgery After Complete Clinical Remission:Neoadj Chemo?
Non-inflammatory skin involvement: Breast Cancer
Physical Trauma: Cause of Bca?

Euro J Cancer Prevention, 8/02

Chest Pain NOT Significant Symptom BCa
Breast Pain & Subsequent BCa Diagnosis
Antiperspirant Use & Bca Risk

JNCI, 10/02

Earlier Age Bca & Antiperspirants
Underarm Cosmetics & Breast Cancer - Parabens
Case Series on Frequency of Upper Outer Breast Quadrant
Aluminum In Breast Tissue
Microwave Therapy prior to Surgery

Annals of Surgical Oncology, 5/02

High-heat Microwaves 'Zap' Tumor Cells
Radiofrequency Ablation & Surgical Excision
Bras & Breast Cancer

Ralph L. Reed, Ph.D. Following "Dressed to Kill" (book by Singer & Grismaijer

Breast Size, Handedness & Risk
Stressful Life Events Raise Risk of Bca

Am J Epid, 3/03

Meta-analysis of Stressful Live Events/BCa
Self-reported Stress:Swedish Cohort
Scientists link poverty to breast cancer gene damage
Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

Study Am Journal of Roentgenology, February 2001

Lobular Bca -Usefulness of MRI
MR Imaging & Infiltrating Lobular Ca
Invasive Ductal & Lobular Differences
Increase in Invasive Lobular Bca
Trends in Incidence Rates:Inv Lobular & Ductal
Lobular Ca & Breast Conserving Surgery
Melanoma Risk in Women w/ Previous Breast Ca

Abstract # 7553 ASCO, 2004

Making Sense Out of Too Much Noise

Information/Research from the Dept of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program, 8/04

Adjuvant Herceptin: Am Soc of Breast Disease Statement

Press Release, November 10, 2006

Molecularly Targeted Therapeutic Heat & BCA Cells

J Nuclear Med, 3/07

Aspirin Benefit Seen in Established Breast Cancer

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