Update on "Sindbis Vector Extended Life in Mouse Model

Communication from Gail Whitehead, Public Affairs Coordinator, Dept of Defense (Research program on Ovarian Cancer)

I have a news items for you and the Annie Appleseed Project members.

The Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program has recently received research results from funded research and placed a research highlight on our home page.

The highlight is entitled "The Use of the Sindbis Vector to Combat Ovarian Cancer."

Please send the research highlight below, or its link: http://cdmrp.army.mil/highlights/default.htm#3, to those interested in recent research achievements in ovarian cancer.

The Use of the Sindbis Vector to Combat Ovarian Cancer

Daniel Meruelo, Ph.D., New York University School of Medicine

Funded by the Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program

Although cisplatinum chemotherapy can achieve a response rate of 80 percent in treating ovarian cancer, a majority of patients stricken with this disease will experience recurrence.

The use of gene therapy to treat cancer has gained much attention over the past 10 years. A particular type of gene therapy utilizes vectors or specific DNA sequences that can be used to transport genetic material to the host cell. These vectors can be constructed to targeted diseased cells in the body.

OCRP researcher Dr. Daniel Meruelo is determining whether a vector based upon the Sindbis virus can be used to kill ovarian cancer cells.

Dr. Meruelo observed that administration of Sindbis in conjunction with interleukin 12 (a protein capable of producing an immune response) in ovarian cancer cells resulted in cell death.

In a mouse model of ovarian cancer, treatment of Sindbis-interleukin 12 extended the life of mice by 2 weeks compared to untreated mice.

Although clinical trials in humans still need to be conducted, preliminary results indicate that the Sindbis-interleukin 12 combination may be a valuable treatment avenue for ovarian cancer.

Please feel free to send this information by e-mail, place in your newsletter, or put a link on your web site.

We are receiving and reviewing reports from the funded research and will be posting additional achievements in the coming months.

Thank you for all you do to help eliminate ovarian cancer.

Gail Whitehead, Public Affairs Coordinator Azimuth, Inc. for the DoD, USAMRMC Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs Phone: 301-619-7783 E-Mail: gail.whitehead@det.amedd.army.mil


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