As of November 1999

I had started using just Chinese herbs in July 1999. Over the few months I did not use any vitamins. About 3 weeks ago I felt the tumors on the chest wall and they seemed bigger and harder.

I decided to go back to the vitamin therapy and give up the herbs since I also felt tired all the time. Within two weeks of starting the vitamins, I regained energy and am now my old bubbling self. The tumors seem to have shrunk back again. I am using the higher dose Vitamin A protocol, with elevated C, selenium and E. I also started using Wobenzymes-high powered enzymes from Germany.

I will keep this report current as I will be getting an MRI of the chest wall in an attempt to see what size and shape the tumors really are. Any other information that may come from the MRI will be reported. Recent studies have stated that MRI is useful with invasive lobular carcinoma. That is the type I have.

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