Update from Cory H.

3/04 We regret to inform you that Cory has passed away.

4/02 Health wise I am feeling good. I have one more bout with full body hypothermia tomorrow. Sweat it out of me! I am doing massive amounts of visualizing which seems to be the one clear medicine I get. Funny. It's been so powerful for me.

It will be another few weeks before I do my next scans to see what is happening in my lungs. The primary tumor in my left breast feels like it is shrinking up. It is achey. My response to Iscadore has been potent, and to Islandic moss, similar to misletoe. Both of these injections give me a big rash. This is apparently what you want- then you know that your immune system is functioning. Eventually your system calms down. I am working up to higher doses. Finn believes it is one of the most powerful tools to fight cancer out there.

This week Tina the nurse shows me how to give myself the shots. Yikes. Then that becomes a part of my daily protocol. I can order it from Germany when I get home. I am also gathering information about dendridic cell vaccines. Soon they are available here, in the US they are still in trials and could be there for God only knows how long. Plus I am never able to participate in those studies because they almost always have chemo therapy as part of the other protocal or you have to have had it.....it's kookie.

But I think the idea of a vaccine makes a lot of sense to me and the results so far have been promising. So maybe I come back to Denmark....!? You know and maybe I won't even need it.

My work here has been thorough and exhausting. I feel so grateful to all my teachers in all their forms! I will miss this place. But I think I can now carry home with me what is most essential to my healing, self love and compassion- in buckets, the ability to recieve grace in all of it's forms, to meditate and pray like a lion ( which is different than begging), to love absolutely everything, to know that it is all perception and awareness and that it really is all good.

And I guess most of all, that I am fine and I will always BE fine.

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