An Activist Sends An Update

on the Clinical Trials

A cancer activist, Diane sent the following update:

As you all are aware, I am very anxious that we get a good screening and diagnostic test for ovarian cancer so that we can catch the disease at Stage I and make a big difference in the outcome for many more women. I have been very excited about the LPA test since I first heard about it about 2 1/2 years ago and have followed its development. Atairgin is beginning clinical trials on the test.

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance newsletter listed the website and the person to contact regarding the clinical trials. I contacted Atairgin in order to get as much information as possible so that I could share it with you in the hopes that it might benefit some of our 'family' members. Below is a summary of the two trials.

If anyone is interested in participating, please look at the Website( or contact Candace Moose at 949-585-2928 or email her at The sites where the tests are being conducted are MD Anderson (Houston, Tex), Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio), Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles), Univ. of Ca. Davis (Sacramento), Univ. of San Francisco, San Francisco, Sunnybrook Hosp, Univ of Tortono (Toronto, Can), and Northwestern Univ (Chic. Ill).

The first trial will attempt to establish the Atairgin LPA assay as an aid in definitively determining the presence of an ovarian malignancy in women with a suspicious pelvic mass. (This means that anyone who is currently undergoing testing for ovarian cancer who lives near one of these hospitals, might want to consider entering the trial since it would help determine the efficacy in diagnosing ovarian cancer prior to surgerical removal of the ovaries. While this might not benefit the woman undergoing diagnosis at this time, if the trial is successful it might prevent unnecessary surgeries in the future.)

The second trial will seek blood specimens from women with a broad spectrum of diagnoses, ranging from normal, healthy individuals to women with a variety of benign and malignant medical conditions. (This is the trial that would hopefully lead to a screening and diagnostic test.)

Please note that the comments in parenthesis in both instances are mine and have not been stated to me by anyone at Atairgin but what I believe will be the results of these trials and have included them so everyone would understand why I believe these trials are important.

Atairgin did say: "Our regulatory team has outlined the specific inclusion and exclusion criteria for each of the studies. I hope you understand that we simply want to conduct the study without biasing the population in any way. Releasing specific criteria is not a standard of practice in our clinical trial program."

If anyone is interested in participating in the trials, please contact Candace Moose directly. Getting enough people enrolled in these trials is the only way we will know if this test is effective.


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