U of Pennyslvania Expands CAM Program

University of Pennsylvania Expands CAM Program

The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Tai Sophia Institute for the Applied Healing Arts of Laurel, Maryland have signed an affiliation agreement to collaborate on education, research, and clinical activities in complementary and alternative medicine.

Three initiatives relating to medical education, clinical activities, and the monitoring of the quality of herbal medicines and herbal products are initial targets of the program.

The initiatives will include the creation of a Master's Degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, to be offered by the Tai Sophia Institute and developed in collaboration with Penn School of Medicine faculty.

A second initiative will be the creation of an "Optimal Healing Environment" at the Presbyterian Medical Center.

This program will be developed by the Division of Cardiology at Penn's Presbyterian Medical Center and the Tai Sophia Institute, and will integrate complementary and alternative medicine into conventional cardiac care.

The third part of the collaboration will consist of the development of postgraduate programs and and continuing education programs. One program currently under development will provide physicians with ready access to clinically important information about herbal medicines, and promote the use of online herbal databases.

More information about the Tai Sophia Institute is available at www.tai.edu and www.uphs.upenn.edu.

Our Source: InnoVision Communications eNewsletter April 2005

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