Ultrasound waves

Non-invasive surgery

Vicki Freeman lay perfectly still inside a tube-like machine as ultrasound waves beamed deep into her cancerous breast. Little bursts of heat signaled the beams were cooking her tumor to death -- without a mark or cut to her skin.

Freeman is one of the first women to try a novel medical experiment to see if this "focused ultrasound therapy" might one day offer a noninvasive alternative to breast cancer surgery.

It will take years of study to prove whether cooking tumors works. But as women already clamor for less disfiguring breast surgery, pilot experiments at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, signal the latest in a growing trend: research on ways to make cancer removal not just less invasive, but to quit cutting patients altogether.

"If you think about surgery, it's sort of medieval," says Dr. Darrell Smith, a Harvard University radiologist conducting Brigham & Women's study. "We're trying to get more elegant in the way we do this. It's kind of Star Trek in a way."

Yet it raises a serious safety question: Are doctors trying to make tumor removal too minimal, particularly for diseases like breast cancer where surgery can work very well? After all, scientists already know that some younger women undergoing lumpectomy get too little tissue cut out for cosmetic reasons, leaving them more vulnerable to cancer's return than if they had properly sized lumpectomies. Plus, if nonsurgical methods do prove safe, they'll require more complicated machinery -- and thus will be more expensive -- than a simple lumpectomy.

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