UCLA to Study Environmental Causes of Cancer

New UCLA Program To Study The Possible Environmental Causes Of Cancer

A new program at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center and the School of Public Health will seek to discover subtle variations in the human genetic blueprint that predispose some individuals to develop cancer after contact with environmental pollutants.

The program will explore, for example, why some individuals exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke develop lung cancer, while others do not.

Bringing together the best environmental researchers and molecular biologists at UCLA, the program seeks to shed new light on how pollutants interact with genetics to cause a variety of cancers.

The $1 million effort is being funded with a leadership gift from Pacific Palisades resident Art Alper, who made the donation in memory of his wife, Ann Fitzpatrick Alper, who died last year from complications of lung cancer.

The Ann Fitzpatrick Alper Program in Environmental Genomics will be headed by Dr. Robert H. Schiestl, a professor of pathology, environmental health and radiation oncology.

Thanks to: [03/13/2003; ScienceDaily]

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