“Ubuntu - I am because you are, you are because I am….” is a deep African way of being. A teaching from The Book of Awakening by poet and philosopher Mark Nepo

“I miss my breast” my friend whispers her grief into the air like spring rain her words fall softly all around us

“of course you do how could you not how courageous of you to speak such truth without adornment and how blessed am I to receive your words”

------------------------------“Ubuntu! Ubuntu!” I hold her and we weep “my grief is yours your grief is mine”

“Ubuntu! Ubuntu! she holds me and we sigh “your truth is mine my truth is yours”

“I miss my breast” my friend screams her rage into the world like thunder her words echo through the chasms of life

“of course you do as do we your sisters across time and space how could we not we who have sacrificed our bosoms on the altar of hope in a bargain for our lives”

--------------------------------“Ubuntu! Ubuntu!” ancient voices join in agreement “your pain is mine my pain is yours”

“Ubuntu! Ubuntu!” they chorus in harmony “my journey is yours your journey is mine”

“I miss my breast” my friend speaks her acceptance into the air like a pipe of peace her surrender sending prayers of love to all that is… and will yet be

“of course you do as we will miss your nurturing milk but we will suckle instead at the breast of your compassion and your strength and your wisdom”

-------------------------------- “Ubuntu! Ubuntu!” sing the yet unborn to this sistermotherfriend “my future is yours your past is mine”

“Ubuntu! Ubuntu!” women everywhere standing side by side “my story is yours your story is mine”

“We are one We are one Ubuntu! Ubuntu! I am you I am you Ubuntu!”

» from the heart, mind, and pen of Minx Boren © 2000 Minx Boren All Rights Reserved

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