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The first book is called "Bosom Buddies, Lessons and Laughter on Breast Health and Cancer". Written by Deborah Axelord, MD, FACS and Rosie O'Donnell, it includes advice, information and many jokes. There is very little on alternatives although they do refer patients to the National Center for Alternative Medicine. They also mention the American Cancer Society (a very old-fashioned viewpoint of alternative medicine).

Deborah Axelrod is Ann Fonfa's surgeon (second one). She is the person Ann sends patients to when they want or do not want specific procedures done. She is generally very respectful of patient'choices. Ann knows at least one patient who disagrees with this.

Ann's NOTE: I wish I knew Rosie. She puts a lot of effort into helping women. I would like to talk to her about alternative and complementary treatments. Maybe I will someday.

The second book is completely different. It is "For Women Only, Your Guide to Health Empowerment" by Gary Null and Barbara Seaman.

Barbara is a well-known women's health activist and writer. She was the one who wrote "The Doctor's Case Against the Pill". Over twenty-five years ago, Barbara saw that women were unfairly treated in health issues and she acted on that. She remains as dedicated to helping women as she was then.

Gary Null is well-known for books on nutrition, exercise and health. He produces TV specials for Public Television on these issues and counsels patients.

This book is not specifically about cancer but it contains information that is useful to maintain health. It is written for women.

The third book is called Making Informed Medical Decisions by Nancy Oster (a survivor), Lucy Thomas and Darol Joseff, MD.

Nancy contributed greatly and was responsible for the section on Alternative/Complementary therapies. It contains the usual caveats but also has useful information.

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