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TRADITIONAL FOODS DIETS & LIFESTYLES Held at Ocean Shores, WA August 5-8, 2005

Summary by Madeleen Herreshoff

This conference was encouraging and refreshing as it focused not only on improving our diet, but created an awareness of the chemicals and toxins which affect our health, demonstrated the amazing changes that are occurring in this country as far as raising healthier livestock, changing positive farming practices, and essentially working from the inside out to promote a healthier environment for us to live in.

Although the obstacles to overcome are enormous, huge efforts are being made to create public awareness, and to influence our government to change their policies in favor of our health. These efforts have so far resulted in tiny steps forward, and ultimately we will need to make leaps, if we are going to decrease cancer, slow the rise of chronic diseases and obesity! Concerned consultants, scientists, and health practitioners have joined the effort to demand nothing but the best quality organically raised foods and a regenerated healthy environment for themselves, their children and future generations.

Sally Fallon was a keynote speaker at the conference. Ms. Fallon is co-author of the Nourishing Traditions and Founder of the Western Price Foundation

The Oiling of America

Sally Fallon spoke about the “oiling of America”, the misconceptions of cholesterol being the culprit for heart disease and cancer. During the 1800s we were a nation eating cholesterol and saturated fats, such as lard, butter and cream, egg yolks, meat drippings, etc. Vegetable oils were not used! Gross obesity was not a problem during this time.

In the early 1900s animal fats were traded for vegetable oils. In 1921 the first heart attack was recorded (myocardial infarction); in 1930 there were 3,000 US deaths recorded due to myocardial infarction and in 1960 there were 500,000 such deaths recorded.

During the mid 1900s the lipid theory was developed that too much cholesterol and saturated fats build up plaque and therefore the increase of myocardial infarctions. In 1956 the American Heart Associations recommended the Prudent diet consisting of corn oil, margarine, cold breakfast cereals etc. This diet was disputed by Dr. Dudley White, a well-known cardiologist who had treated Eisenhower and others.

In 1936 Lande and Sperry showed that there was no correlation between heart disease and cholesterol. In another 1957 study performed by the anti-coronary club in New York, there were 8 deaths of heart disease on the Prudent diet and zero deaths in the meat and egg group. In spite of the prevailing evidence, the vegetable oil industry pushed the Prudent diet behind the scenes.

Research conducted by Dr. Mary Enig and the team at the University of Maryland, discovered that people eating more animal fats had less chance of getting cancer and heart disease. However a 40-year Framingham study showed that the risk factor of heart disease is indeed cholesterol. Unfortunately, the data presented in support for their hypothesis was skewed by deceiving statistics using relative risks to exaggerate the data.

Sally Fallon claimed that there are lots of studies which disputed the lipid theory that cholesterol is the culprit of heart disease! She considers the Prudent diet to be genocidal! She insists that animal fats are needed for the body to grow and is appalled that the government has intervened in our and our children’s lives with the Prudent diet.

Dr. Uffe Ravnskov wrote a worthwhile book on The Cholesterol Myths and he as well as Drs. George Mann and Michael Gurr have spoken out against the lipid theory.

According to Fallon, cholesterol is involved in healing, bile salts, vitamin D production, hormones, antioxidants and in the functioning of the brain and nerves. Vit A is needed for each sex hormone conversion. Trans-fats, so prevalent in the US diet, inhibit enzymes that make these conversions. With less use of butter use, cancer and heart disease have soared! Moreover the research suggests that it may be hard to recover from injury due to low cholesterol. In women and the elderly who have higher concentrations, cholesterol is associated with longer life spans.

Summary by Madeleen Herreshoff, Director of CANHELP,INC. Lifesaving Cancer Treatment Information and More Support for Your Decisions! (800) 565-1732

Presentations by Sandra Steingraber & James Jungwirth

Trad Foods Conference, 8/05

Presentations by Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Theo Colburn

Trad Foods Conference, 8/05

Presentation by Jerry Brunetti & Dr. Mary Enig

Trad Foods Conf, 8/05

Sally Fallon: How to Change Your Diet for the Better

Trad Foods Conf, 8/05

Presentation by Elaine Ingham & Julius/Rosalind Anderson

Trad Foods Conf, 8/05

Summary By Virginia Hadley

Traditional Foods Conference, 2005

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