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1)Scars: Several of us have used cocoa butter to reduce the scar tissue, not the scar itself, just what is underneath.

Here is a story from Nancy:

When my daughter was 2 years old she had a hemangioma (the kind under the skin and not the strawberry mark kind on the surface.) It was in the inner corner of her eye and the incision was from the top of her eyebrow curved around the nose and down to the bottom of the eye.

I had a very good plastic surgeon do the work, but was advised that he would occasionally need to do more surgery as she grew because it would tighten and draw up. I bought cocoa butter and melted it and kept rubbing it into the scar for several more years and she never required anymore surgery, nor does anything show up except a very faint white line.

She is going to be 37 this month and I am so glad that she did not require these extra operations. Can't believe that when I had my surgery I forgot all about the cocoa butter and probably could have saved myself from the keloided scar. I did use Vit. E. but it did not help.

Here is Rae's story:

it has been pretty remarkable. The scar line where it extended into the axilla was a tight, hard line. Now it has softened so much that it doesn't pull taut when I raise my arm and the entire area feels soft and pliant. (She used the cocoa butter more than 4 years after the scar began forming).

Here is Ann's story:

I completely reduced underlying scar tissue in three months by applying cocoa butter on the scar site. It was amazing and painless. I had used both aloe and Vitamin E for a long time before that and on other scars with NO discernible effect. The scar still shows but it has NO scar tissue underneath.

We just read an article about scar tissue release therapy - practiced by

Brook Seminars, Bodywork Education

Tap the Thymus:

It is suggested that a way to stimulate the thymus is to tap gently at the area just above the rib cage (sternum), in that small hollow area in the center. 3-10 times gently. Can be done during the course of a day as you think of it.

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