Time Release Vitamins

Offer No Benefit

According to Ann Louise Gittelman, ND, CNS, MS and others, time release vitamins/supplements are simply not useful.

In the article I saw in "Health Sciences Institute Members Alert" from March 2000, she said:

"Time release, a popular delivery system, adds to manufacturing costs WITHOUT (my emphasis) increasing nutritional benefits. There is a maxiumum amount of any nutrient that can be absorbed by the body at one time, thus it is more beneficial to take supplements in divided doses throughout the day.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, which can be administered in time-release capsules to provide a consistent blood serum level of the active chemical ingredient, nutritional supplements work more subtly, providing a cumulative benefit over many days or weeks.

Gittelman is a well-known speaker/writer on nutritional issues, including detoxification.

Ann Louise Gittelman's site


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