Every Cell Emits An Intelligent Biophoton Light!

From the promotional email:

The new science of the twenty-first century is here. Each Advita Energy hologram band/disc stores a large amount of readily available information specifically designed to provide the body with the resources it needs for optimum health. Highlights of the system:

• Holograms, like a computer disc, store large amounts information. Using cutting edge technology, frequencies, Biophotons and energy balancing information is stored in each Advita Energy hologram.

• When the Advita hologram is on or near your body, the information has a balancing effect on your body’s energy field.

• The innate state of the human body and the human energy field is to always reach toward the optimum state of health.

• When the wrong information enters the body or the human energy field (for example, from pollution, poor food choices, drugs, fear, trauma, stress, anger, lack of sleep), it diverts the path away from the optimum state of health. At times the diversion is so far off the path of the optimum state of health that we call this state “illness.”

• The analogy is similar to driving down the road, and along the way someone gives you the wrong direction and takes you in the opposite direction of where you desire to go. However, at the next stop, you get the correct information and you make a U turn and once again you are driving toward your intended destination.

• The Advita Hologram works in a similar way. It provides your body with the correct information to bring your body back to its innate state of optimum health.

• Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, the noted German Quantum Physicist, shook the scientific world a couple decades ago with his theory that human cells communicate through Biophotons (meaning light emitted by the cells).

This theory, which has since been proven to be correct, opened a whole new field of understanding health and healing. Much of the energetic-based modalities available to us today are due to this leap in Quantum Physics.

Every living thing emits Biophotons. They store information that promotes healing. Biophotons travel faster than the speed of light. (That’s why you instantly feel pain throughout your body when you stub your toe.) During illness or time of stress, the amount of light that a cell, organ, or the body emits diminishes.

If we can provide specific healing information to the body, we can, in fact, support the body’s natural state of optimal health. That is the purpose of Advita Energy 's hologram bands and discs--supporting the body by providing the correct information.



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