This section will contain updates and other information on 
what is happening with the National Insititute's Center for 
Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Now that we have the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine(NCCAM), it is up to us patients to make sure they stay on target-funding studies we care about.

One of the pages in this section is my testimony at their first public meeting held in July 1999.

This NCCAM funds cancer research primarily through the University of Texas CAM center. Please see links for that address.

Cancer patients will participate in the meetings of NCCAM. One of the patient/advocates who are called "consumers" or "stakeholders" by the government, is a personal friend. She and I are featured in a book called "Women Confront Cancer". I know that she will do her best to represent our viewpoints.

We need studies that will be relevant and we need them now. For more information on clinical trials, see Random Thoughts, October 1999 in the Breast Cancer Issues section.

Testimony July 8, 1999

First public meeting


LINK: Ctr for Alt/Cam Medicine at National Institutes of Health, government agency-a link

2nd Int'l Scientific Conference on CAM & Integrative Med Res



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