Tell Me What to Eat: Cancer Treatment

This book provides c(onventional) "nutritional guidelines for patients and their loved ones".

Reviewed by Ann Fonfa, founder the Annie Appleseed Project

People who have read some of the articles I have written, or who receive our eblasts - send an email to if you want to get on this list - know that I truly despise the 'liquid food supplements' like Boost Plus or Ensure Plus.

Because the ingredients are ALL synthetic and artificial including artificial colors and flavors - making it inexpensive to product - and mostly useless for true nutritional support. These products are sold by divisions of Pharmaceutical companies and are very well-marketed!

So I was depressed to see them mentioned as useful on page 20 of this book. Not surprised, but sad. I have no objection to some of the other suggested snacks or light meals to bring with you when going to chemotherapy.

Peanut butter (with or without jelly - try to buy the type WITHOUT added sugar which is unnecessary and not great for cancer. Did you know about the PET scan? It measures glucose (fancy word for sugar) that gets taken into cancer cells and lights up.

If cancer cells and glucose/sugar like each other, don't you think you should avoid added sugar? We do at the Annie Appleseed Project.

dried fruits and nuts

trail mix




If you start visiting a health food store, you can find organic and WHOLE grain versions of all the above which we recommend.

In addition to good nutrition the Annie Appleseed Project suggests everyone consider adding acupuncture to reduce those unwanted effects of chemotherapy - like nausea, fatigue, diarrhea (activated charcoal capsules may help here).

Ms. Weinstein has a chapter on good and bad fats which is very important information. She points out is important to stay hydrated - water is crucial. Especially if you are vomiting or have diarrhea, you MUST replace bodily fluids.

Ann F. says ABSOLUTELY avoid SODA! Soda is bad for the bones and if you are also receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy, your bones are being weakened enough already. Soda has too much sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors that are ALL bad for us.

This book has many menus and lots of useful information - but it really requires sorting through to avoid the too conventional viewpoint.

There are other books on what to eat that offer a holistic, natural approach that may be more useful.

Posted July 2010

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