Teenager & Parents Approach to Osteosarcoma and Ukrain

Alternative/Complementary Approaches for Osteosarcoma - (Strong and Difficult Story by Jeannette Russell) submitted May 2006:

`Early in March 2001, my thirteen year old daughter, Brett, came home limping after track practice complaining of pain in her right knee. The next day I drove her to school and watched her limp her way to the building entrance. A terrible sense of forboding came over me.

I believe maternal instincts are infallible, so I scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic specialist the next day. He x-rayed her leg and there was a 2cm. tumor growing at the end of Brett’s right femur, osteosarcoma’s most favored site. With this extremely distressing news, we had just received first class tickets to the World of Childhood Cancer.

Imagine that your pediatrician states “your daughter now has ADD and she won’t be getting A’s in school anymore, she will be lucky to get C’s,” how would a parent feel? Or perhaps the doctor says “your son is partially deaf,” “Your daughter’s heart is damaged” “Your son’s liver is damaged,” “Your daughter’s leg needs to be amputated,” “Your son’s arm needs to be amputated.”

Hearing any ONE of these statements would create trauma for a parent. Being told ALL AT ONCE is a catastrophe of unbelievable proportions. Welcome to the world of osteosarcoma and chemotherapy. The pharmaceutical companies brag about the success of chemotherapy in dealing with childhood cancer. These side effects are what they are proud of, what they proclaim as success.

Osteosarcoma is a tough disease which, in America, gets very brutal treatment. I denote ‘IN AMERICA’ BECAUSE THIS IS THE WORST PLACE TO BE IF THE DIAGNOSIS IS THIS TYPE OF CANCER. In America, a cancer patient immediately loses several of his civil rights and for a child who has cancer, MOST civil rights are lost.

I’m compelled to tell our story for several reasons. I realized during and after our experience with cancer, that I really didn’t know what cancer is, and how inadequate the treatment for this type of cancer truly is, in America. I want to expose the true state of osteosarcoma cancer treatment and research in America, and change the way our nation is handling this cancer problem.

CANCER Research…Come every April, the fundraising starts… pink ribbons, daffodils, races and walks for THE CURE. I assumed, probably like many American citizens, that scientists in our country are working feverishly night and day to find a cure. Sad to say, IT ISN’T SO! When my daughter was diagnosed, I immediately started to research the condition, and was horrified at what I learned.

1.) Osteosarcoma incidence has increased by over 29% in the past 10 years.

2.) No one in the research community is interested in this fact

3.) Childhood cancer has overtaken every other illness as the cause of death in children

4.) There are no survival statistics for children past five years. The forty year practice where my daughter was treated could only produce ONE ten year survivor of osteosarcoma, and she lived 400 miles away. They tout a 65% success rate for this disease, but it isn’t true.

5.) Doctors say that they don’t know what causes it, but there are convincing smoking guns. The fluoride added to our water causes osteosarcoma in rats. Communities with fluoridated water have higher incidences of osteosarcoma than communities that don’t, especially in boys.

As children, many of us received tainted polio vaccine (actually 98 million of us ) It was contaminated with a monkey virus called SV40. Our government hid this information from us. Doctors are finding this virus in rare tumors like osteosarcoma, mesothelioma and certain brain tumors.

These children have INHERITED this virus from us, as they have not received tainted polio vaccine. One of the first acts of President George W Bush, was to protect the pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits related to vaccine damage.

The executives know what is coming with the revelations of this crime against humanity and they wanted financial protection. By the way, SV40 is used in cancer research because it is “the perfect little war machine”. It causes cancer faster than any other agent at their disposal.

I know these facts are disturbing. It is appalling that we, as Americans, have been deceived by our government for so long, but it is time for it to STOP. Our children are depending upon us to protect them until they can protect themselves. As parents and citizens, it is our duty to take action.

The truly disheartening fact is that this information is so OLD. The government has been undermining its citizens for at least fifty years, maybe longer. Big Business had hi-jacked our government before I was even born.

I take part of the responsibility, because as a US citizen I should have taken the time to see what my government was up to. I didn’t, and I have paid a heavy price for that neglect. MY goal for the time I have remaining on this earth, is to challenge these corporations and the government they control, and restore the rights they have stolen from us.

Nixon declared a “WAR ON CANCER” during his administration. This concept gave the misleading impression that our government was serious about solving the cancer problem. Thinking people have suspected for many years that a cure for cancer has been suppressed.

The truth is there have been numerous cures for osteosarcoma through the years. Anyone who has accomplished one of these miracles, has been harassed, murdered, ruined or kept quiet about it.

The medical cartel WILL NOT give up the riches they have gotten from the exploitation of the sickest and weakest in our society. THEY are the true cancer in our society, and it is time for radical surgery to eliminate them.

We actually had my daughter’s condition under control for four and a half years before she became ill again. My daughter’s tumor was very small at the time of diagnosis. We caught it very early, BUT THAT DID NOT MATTER, because cancer is a disease of the blood.

The tumor is the end product of that lethal disease. Treating the tumor does not solve the problem. After months of chemotherapy and radical surgery, only 1 CENTIMETER OF TUMOR WAS DESTROYED. We decided to try alternative therapies, as it was obvious that her treatment protocol was not working. Her oncologist threatened to SUE US FOR CUSTODY of our daughter.

You know, I waited until I was thirty-one years old to have my daughter. She was the light of my life. I was blessed with the gift of this child, and enjoyed every moment of her time with us. I found it disgusting for her doctor to suggest that I didn’t have her welfare at heart and that the GOVERNMENT would be a better parent than the parents she had.

I told her doctor (who had been suffering with allergies the entire time she was treating my daughter) that she couldn’t even solve her own minor health issues, let alone something as serious as cancer. I told her that I would welcome a lawsuit and custody fight, because the medical staff would have to go to court and PROVE that their treatments were effective.

They would have to provide patients they had cured and show that the treatment protocol they prescribed had benefit for my daughter. She walked out of the room and never brought it up again. The LAST THING the child cancer industry wants is to go into a court and prove that what they do has any positive benefit for patients, BECAUSE THEY CAN’T.

We stopped Brett’s treatment when the chemo had damaged her liver and started to cause her hemoglobin to DISINTEGRATE. We decided to take her to the Livingston Foundation Medical Center in San Diego. The research I had done convinced me that the key to defeating cancer was repairing the damage to a person’s immune system, that a well functioning immune system does not allow tumors to form.

The medical community has known this since the early 1900’s. Dr. Livingston, from western Pennsylvania, was a brilliant woman. She was one of the great sort of doctor who is a rarity in modern medicine. She knew what it meant to be a REAL doctor, not the morally bankrupt technicians in the industry today who pass as doctors.

Brett was evaluated at the Livingston Foundation Medical Center with tests hospitals don’t do and given vaccines that hospitals can’t provide. She was shown how to eat to live with health. She stayed healthy for four years. The Livingston Foundation Medical Center, after 32 years, had to close, because the FDA would not allow them to advertise what a tremendous job they did helping patients with cancer and immune diseases.

The reason we took Brett to this clinic was because they had a track record of curing children with sarcomas. I don’t know of any business in the world that could survive for thirty- two years without being permitted to advertise. Brett’s vaccines were only about $50 a month.

I guess that is the major reason that pharmaceutical companies desperately suppress immunotherapy solutions to cancer. They cannot profit from these children and desperately sick adults if this therapy is used. Dr. Livingston had found a remedy for cancer long ago, and she knew she was just one of many who had.

Within six months of no vaccines, my daughter Brett had an enormous tumor in her left lung. This was the FIRST time the FDA tried to kill my daughter. The SECOND time was more devastating than the first.

During my research I came across the unique drug called Ukrain that was developed about twenty-five years ago. It basically is a non-toxic chemo. Even after this much time this terrific drug only has orphan drug status in the US for pancreatic cancer. It only adheres to cancer cells and leaves healthy cells alone. When a patient receives it, a patient’s hair doesn’t fall out, mouth sores the size of quarters do not form, people don’t throw up, actually Ukrain enhances the immune system, instead of harming it.

It has been tested at our National Cancer Institute and it worked on fifty-seven out of sixty cancer cell lines. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to administer compared to American Chemo. The inventor, Dr. Nowicky has endured endless harassment from the pharmaceutical cartel.

I think CARTEL is the appropriate description for these corporations. It is criminal to hold sick patients hostage with their deadly ineffective drugs.. I had spoken with many people who used Ukrain for a variety of cancers very successfully. Brett’s doctors here informed us there was nothing they could do for her. No surgery, chemo or radiation could help her.

We decided to go to Germany to a clinic that helped children with deadly sarcomas, that had been declared uncurable by the American Medical Cartel. The German protocol consisted of Ukrain administered with hyperthermia (another established cancer treatment that you can’t get in America) vaccine therapy and cancer cocktails of nutrients to rebuild the body.

After ten days we returned home. Brett was so much improved. She ran through the Frankfurt airport, her tumor markers were coming down and we were filled with hope. I legally brought the Ukrain home with me.

There was only one doctor who would administer it to her (it is an IV drug). Her primary care doctor refused, even though it was legal to have it. We were to return to Germany in six weeks for continued treatment. Brett developed a lung infection and had to be rushed to the hospital. She was in intensive care on a breathing tube for two weeks. They wanted to pull her tube and let her die, but we were outraged. Their procedures had landed her in worse shape than when she arrived.

We insisted that she be given her Ukrain treatment. We signed papers absolving the hospital and doctors of any responsibility. Brett received the Ukrain three times a week for two weeks and was improved enough to be discharged to go home. The doctors recommended she continue with her Ukrain treatment and it was on her discharge papers. They knew it had to be IV administered.

No one would come to our house to give it to her. The home nursing company we used that was part of the hospital refused. They give 2500 patients chemo at home in the Pittsburgh area, but they wouldn’t give Brett her life-saving medicine. They said the FDA wouldn’t allow it.

I contacted the FDA, told them the situation, and they denied that they were in the way. I contacted the State Dept of Medicine in Pennsylvania, and their legal department said they did not have ONE law on the books preventing the doctors from prescribing Brett her medicine. The simple truth is that her doctors let her die.

No one in government would help us. I had to watch my beautiful eighteen year old daughter cry and ask me why no one would help her. It is a heartbreak I would not wish on any parent. After four weeks of no drug therapy Brett’s health failed. Her doctors would not give permission for her to fly to Germany.

This beautiful and brave girl died in the ICU of the hospital where they refused to give her what she needed to fight. Brett asked me to help her die without pain. I told her I would. She had family with her, but she asked to call the ones who could not be there, to tell them she loved them and to say good bye. She told me not to blame myself, that I had done everything I could to help her.

She was a magnificent human being who deserved everything this country could offer, but she was denied. She asked me to let people know the truth. It was her last request and I am going to do everything in my power to do that.

Finally, I want to communicate what I think will be agents for change. DON’T contribute to cancer charities, especially the American Cancer Society. They actively are controlled by the pharmaceutical companies and try to discredit anyone truly working on the cancer problem. Refuse treatment here. It doesn’t work, and it is shortening the time you have on this earth.

Go to other countries for treatment. Even if you want chemo, they do it better, with less suffering. There are clinics that will address your whole problem, that will work with patients on why they got sick in the first place.

Pressure insurance companies to pay for treatments that WORK. They only want to pay for what the pharmaceutical companies want to prescribe. We forced our health insurance carrier to reimburse us for Brett’s vaccine treatment. It took awhile, but we got it.

I promised Brett I would write a more detailed book to help others with cancer get well. I have to keep my promise, as it is the last thing I can do for her in this world. When I meet her again, I want to be able to say I followed through and her death affected humanity in a positive, life-affirming way.

Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.

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