TCM and Pears-RTx/Chemo

"Pears of all kinds - Anjou, Bartlett, Bosc, etc - ripe, luscious, and abundant in the fall, are one of nature's versatile healing foods.

According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), this fruit has a cool essence, which makes it good for relieving heat in the Lung, or any kind of dry cough, skin problems or constipation.

The Lung itself dislikes the condition of dryness and pear essence can bring soothing moisture to this organ. TCM prescribes pears (as well as kiwis) to relieve internal heat produced by radiation or chemotherapy.

Pears are a bit harder to digest than some other fruits like apples. This makes them an ideal food for fending off hunger or for dieters, because pears help the stomach to feel full." (212)273-1079

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