Tam & Serum Leptin in Bca Pts

ABSTRACT: Effects of Tamoxifen on the Serum Leptin Level in Patients with Breast Cancer

Background: Leptin is a peptide hormone that has a role in the regulation of body weight and has effects on metabolic, neuroendocrine, reproductive and hematopoietic systems.

Breast cancer has also been associated with obesity and reproductive hormones, especially estradiol.

Only a few studies have investigated the relation between plasma leptin and risk of breast cancer and only one study evaluated the effect of tamoxifen on leptin levels in patients with breast cancer.

Conclusion: High serum leptin levels seen in breast cancer patients are not related to stage of the disease or to cancer itself but may be associated with the use of tamoxifen.

[12/27/2001; Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology

Tamoxifen's Effectiveness & Slow version of a Gene

JNCI, 11/02

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