Founder of FACT, alternative cancer therapy group speaks

on her organization's theories on fighting cancer

Speaker: Ruth Sackman, President of Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapies (established over 29 years ago).

Ms. Sackman's remarks: Her organization believes that you must rebuild/build good host resistance, never neglect the host in order to resist a recurrence. Dietary work is very important. She stressed the need for lots of raw foods, mainly vegetables. Organic are preferred but all vegetables are important and necessary. 25 years ago this was not acknowledged but now even the American Cancer Society is speaking about nutrition. The FDA may still not agree.

There is a build-up of toxins in the body. Although the FDA and others allow for 'negligible risk' meaning some will inevitably get cancer by eating the pesticide/herbicide laden foods, we must disagree. She mentioned the Safe Food and Water campaign which fights against sprays and additives.

Essiac-an herbal treatment taken from Native Canadian tribes and used for many years by Rene Caisse(named for her in reverse). The original formula was thought lost at her death but Ms. Sackman stated that all 9 herbs can be obtained with the product Flor Essence)available at many health food stores. It is important not to take too high a dosage as the herbs are very potent. Instructions are given with the product. Dead cancer cells are toxic when released into the blood stream so you must take the correct formula. There is some controversy over many claims to be the original Essiac formula. But she stated that Flor Essence is it. This can be used as a preventive method.

Hydrazine Sulfate-she does not recommend this toxic treatment.

Hoxey- this has been around for many years, being done in a clinic in Mexico. It is a biochemical method of stimulating the cleansing of the lymphatic system. It is combined with a dietary regimen which is very important. Material is needed to build new cells. There have been dramatic recoveries from this method too. It can be helpful with brain tumors.

Fever Therapy Temperature is raised to as high as 105. After 10 days signs of a cure have occurred. Fluids must be administered. She mentioned that many find saunas and steam baths of benefit since working up a sweat seems to be of benefit generally. Breathing is very important too.

Hyperthermia-this is a conventional system done in a hospital under a light anesthetic. Considered experimental, it is very expensive and rarely covered by insurance. This is not recommended for people who have had radiation to the lung. Body temperatures to 107. with no brain damage(fluids needed). Localized hyperthermia is useful only for superficial tumors.

Shark Cartilage-she does not recommend this treatment. She believes tumor reduction alone is not enough. She also feels that it may raise calcium in the body to dangerous levels. She spoke of 4 people who had very bad experiences with this method. She answered a query on bovine cartilage as being more useful, but she is not sure why. It requires much lower dosages which she feels is safer.

FACT(her organization) takes the position that large amounts of supplements or vitamins may be inappropriate. They stress raw foods and healthy diet. She felt calcium could be gotten from vegetable sources.

Green Magma-a question was asked about this food supplement(category-green drink). She thought it was very good, better than Sun Chlorella and others. Can be bought at a health food store-Sonnebrand is the trade name. She recommended juicing of vegetables or food processing to make vegetables more digestible for some who felt it was difficult to eat raw food.

She felt that 45-50 grams of protein a day was appropriate(Gov't recommendation).

Thermos-cooked cereal-not a therapy, but a healthy meal. 3 tablespoons of grain and 1 cup of good water overnight in a thermos. She said all the enzymes, natural hormones, etc. were preserved.

Kelly program This is available from Health Excel of Washington state. There are some Health Excel practitioners in NY area. It is a metabolic program which produces good organ function and uses glandulars.

Macrobiotic-under questioning, she said that this was somewhat good but felt that there should be less cooked food. Some disagreed.

She mentioned many other treatments in passing, some are useful but needed to be combined for best effect. Overall she recommended eating healthy raw foods, moderate exercise, breathing. She said to give up fried foods or spicy foods. She felt that detoxification should be done under supervision if more than one day. She mentioned Dr. Bernard Jensen and his raw juice and enema concepts as important. Colema boards which can be used at home for complete enemas were recommended.

FACT's phone number (212)741-2790. They will answer questions on cancer. They publish a magazine and offer a carefully vetted book and tape list.

Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy

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