Taking Care of Children

Information for the care of children/young people where it may differ from the adult population

We've just gotten information about websites offering Integrative care for children. To support your child as they go through their cancer challenges -


The Annie Appleseed Project, while supporting evidence-based healthcare, has been advocating for people with cancer for many years. We can see that clinical trials may NEVER be performed for many CAM approaches*. But one method that has growing support whenever studied - is the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. That includes acupuncture and sometimes herbs.

This system can really make a difference with many of the unwanted effects of current conventional treatments (surgery, chemo, radiation).

Thus, we suggest that parents really take a look at Traditional Chinese Medicine.

* Pharmaceutical companies support many trials and have stated publicly that they will not pay for trials of substances, products or even combinations where they cannot patent it.

Radiation Issues with Pediatrics

Am J of Roetgenology 2001

FDA Recommends Reduced RtX
Graft V Host Disease Issues(RTx)
Cancer Risks From Diagnostic Radiology
Near-Infrared Radiation & Mouth Sores
Complications After Brain Tumor Treatment
Stereotactic Radiotherapy & Low-Grade Gliomas:Children
High Risk of More Ca in Childhood Hodgkin's Disease
Leukemia Issues for Children

Blood, 2001

Cancer Treatment & Learning Problems
White Bld/Neutrophils Rise w/Massage
Parent's Fight to Choose Son's Medical Care
Therapy Results ALL in Black/White Children
Trees/Tungsten & Childhood Leukemia Clusters
Children w/ALL Deficient in Antioxidant Vitamins
Oral Rinse Detects Marrow Transplant Effectiveness
Bone Marrow Edema/ Ostenonecrosis & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Silibinin reduces the growth of Liver Cancer (cell culture)
Integrative Therapies Program

LINK to site at Columbia University New York, NY "summaries of most current scientific literature, manuscripts written by & about the program. Also provides detailed information about various CAM clinical services offered, & links to additional sources of cancer edu & news.

High-grade Astrocytoma & Diffuse Brainstem Glioma-See End

The Oncologist, 4/04

Helical CT

Am J of Roentgenology, 2/01

Molecul Endoprostheses:Kids & Bone Tumors

Cancer Control JMCC, 2001

Surgery for Leg/Hip Tumors
New Implants for Bone Cancer can Replace Limbs Internally
Chemo Effects in Kids

Study in Cancer Journal February 2001

Child Survivors Face Six Times Risk of New Cancers
Less Intense Treatment for Advanced Neuroblastoma Achieves High Survival Rates
Long-term Adverse Effects w/Testicular Ca Treatment
Sodium Thiosulfate Used to Prevent Hearing Damage
Intrathecal Methotrexate Bad for Child's Brain-Medulloblastoma
Enalapril/Doxirubicin-No Long-Term Benefit
Cognitive Deficits:Predictive Factors Identified
Chemo & Risk of Depression for Childhood Survivors
Cardiac Function:Follow-up After Toxicity
Effects of Pediatric Ca Care Linger for Decades
Liver Tox:Vincrstne,/Dctnmycn/Cyclphsphmde
Optic Pathway Tumors, Age & Quality of Response/No RTx
Changes in auditory function from Platinum Chemo
"Cancer Monthly, a Unique Resource Woven From Tragedy"

Cancer Monthly information

Parents of Kids w/Cancer

National Cancer Institute & Center for Advancement of Health

Partnerships Empowering Parents & Proferssionals
Childhood Cancer & Users' Views:Critical Perspective
Immunity/Inflammatory Cytokines:Stress of Parents
Patterns of Change in Marital Relationships:Parents of Kids w/Ca
Day-care Exposure May Reduce Hodgkin's Disease Incidence

Harvard News Office, 8/04

Strontium-90/Teeth:Childhood Ca

Int J Health Sciences, 2000

Chronically Ill Kids & Depression

Psychosomatic Medicine, 1/02

Link Virus and Brain Tumors

JNCI, 2/02

Issues: Childhood Cancer Survivors

JAMA, 3/02

Ca Screening Practices for Survivors Childhood Ca
Psychological Outcomes:Childhood Brain Cancer
Psychological Outcomes:Long-term Survivors Childhood Brain
Childhood Cancer Survivors in the Dark
Adult Survivors of Childhood ALL & Lack of Exercise
Children: Head & Neck Rates Up

Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg, 6/02

Antibiotics:Urinary Tract Infections

Archives of Disease in Childhood, 8/02

CancerSources Kids-Books/Games for Children

Oncology Nursing Society

Family Reading list
Pet Ownership in Immunocompromised Children - Review
Preservative-free Influenza Vaccine

Aventis Pasteur via Doctors' Guide

Thyroid Ca-Low Mortality/High Recur

Cancer, 8/02

Asymptomatic Carotoid Arterial Dis

J Radiology, 10/99

Thyroid Nodular Disease After RTx
Testicular Function After Hodgkin's Treatment

Br J Cancer, 12/93

Pesticide vs Organic Foods- Kids

J Environmental Health Perspectives, 10/02

1/6 Level of Pesticides in Kids Eating Organic foods
Study Evaluates Nutritional Modulation & Chemo
Pesticides and Children
Preserving Fertility in Young Girls

Medscape OB/GYN, 1/03

Barriers to fertility preservation among pediatric oncologists
Pediatric & Pain

Various articles and links

Pediatric Pain & Acupuncture
Parent's Decisions on Complementary Therapy Use
Current Status in Pain Mgment:Children
Imagination Found to Reduce Pain in Children
Pain Relieving Patch for Children
Biofeedback to Help Children in Bed

WholisticHealingResearch.com, 4/03

Nutrnl Support:Children Chemo & Later

Nutr & Cancer, 5/03

Children, Cancer & Nutrition
Children's Oncology Group Looks at CAM
Ways to Help Children Take Pills/Medicines
Dietary Supplement Use PREVALENT Among Ill Children
Ova Sex Cord-Stromal Tumors

J Clin Onc, 6/03

Children's CHARITABLE, Support, Education Orgs

LINKS here

Camps and Retreats
"Cancer Monthly, a Unique Resource Woven From Tragedy"
CancerSources Kids-Books/Games for Children
Long Term Achvmnts: Childhood Ca Survivors

Psycho-Oncology, 6/03

Informed Consent:Children w/Cancer

Press Release, University Hospitals of Cleveland, 1/04

Children CAN Participate in End-of-Life Decisions
Children With Cancer Often Unaware of Study Participation
Severity of Enterocolitis PREDICTED by IL-8

Euro J Cancer, 3/04

National Cancer Inst: Children/Adolescents

Q& A info available

Children in Hospitals May Experience Medical Injuries
Preoperative Fasting & Surgery: Children
Nephrectomy Alone for Some Children-Wilms Tumor

J Clinical Onc, 9/01

Microvessel Density & Ped Optic Pathway/Hypothalmic Gliomas
Childhood Adrenocortical Tumors

Eur J Cancer, 5/04

Talking about Death w/Terminally Ill Children

NEJM, 9/04

BOOK: Talking with Angel: About Illness, Death & Survival
Hospice Referral For Children w/Cancer
Milk as a Contrast Agent for CT Scans

Abstract SSGO6-03 Rad Soc of NA meeting, 11/06

Acupuncture Abstracts SIO 2006

Various abstracts

SIO, 11/06

Aresenic in Playgrounds:Cancer Causing

Washington Post article, 11/03

Whole Child Center

LINK to Integrative Care for your child, Oradell, NJ

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