Systemic Light Therapy (PDT using Radachlorin)

From the Netherlands, 10/04:

The newest protocol for PDT with radachlorin is called SYLT - Systemic Light Therapy as some patients told me and I filmed the protocol for SYLT last week so saw everything with my own eyes. But maybe some members of this group can correct me if I make mistakes or make wrong interpretations.

.I also will send this to Dr. Wöppel to ask his comments on this protocol, so it could be changed slightly.

The protocol for skincancer:

The PDT with radachlorin as given already for years in Russia for skincancer and proven with studies etc. is simple. Radachorin may be used in PDT for skincancers as a medicin and will be 1th of December 2004 approved after succesfull phase III trials.

The patient gets injected a certain amount radachlorin, often 500 ml. per patient but if the patients weight is higher then average then 2 x 500 ml. is injected. And several hours later, all individual depending and measured with skintests every hour after injection, the patients get lasered at the places where the tumors are visible.

In certain cases this treatment is repeated at least three months later but often for skincancer is only one treatment neccessary.

If LEDlights also are required for skincancer I don't know but what I understood was this not required for basal cellcancer.

The protocol for SYLT:

SYLT - Systemis Light Therapy is for all other cancerpatients and is in protocol quite different then for skincancer.

for the SYLT is used the same radachlorin, also the same amount but if a patient has lots of tumors and big tumors the radachlorin will be injected two times. The whole SYLT takes five days for the first treatment. The first time at the beginning after the physician did a test where the tumors are located.

Question before is always a few weeks before the treatment with SYLT to make a MRI-scan or PETscan and try to get a recent result of your blood and tumormarkers and tumorlocations and stage of the tumors.

Then 500 ml. Radachlorin is injected in the vanes. You have to buy the radachlorin yourself by internet from bioresource or since 1th of october you also can order the radachlorin, radachlorin is now available as registrated nutritional supplement, at a farmacy in the Netherlands, named Mierlo Hout. Price € 500,-- at internet and € 600,-- for 500 ml. radachlorin, same quality at Mierlo Hout. Keep it cool and in the dark f.i. in your refregerator in the coolbox, not in the freezebox.

You have to sign a paper where you take the full responsibility for the treatment because radachlorin isn't yet a registrated medicin for SYLT.

Individual patient dependent and measured every hour by the physician, the so called skinsensivitytest, the lasering will be done after one till three and a half hours after the injection. The physican calculates with the measured data how long the lasering and how intensive, which dose, has to be done at several places where tumors are located.

After the laseringperiod the patient gets total body lighting with eight LEDlamps in a certain position, the lamps are official certificated and in the LEDlamps are lamps with 660 nn. and 980 nn. Warning never use ULTRAVIOLETlightranges if you use LEDlamps at home. Always whitelight ranges like f.i. infrared.

The total bodylightning takes several hours the first day. And the whole treatment period every hour the physician measures the levels of radachlorin in the skincells. At the end of the first day/first treatmentperiod very often another 500 ml. radachlorin will be injected but now the radachlorin will be lasered in the bottle before it will be injected.

Why this is I cann't explain in english. After that injection the patient gets to his/her room in the hospital-clinic. The whole treatmentperiod of day 1 takes about 6 till 8 hours.

The patient can be very tired and/or there can develop swellings at the places where the patient is treated. It seems very important to drink as much as possible clean water, also stay doing that the months after the treatmentperiod. But later more about side effects and how to handle at home after the treatment period in the clinic or hospital.

At day two the physician starts again with measering the levels of radachlorin but now without injecting anything. Depending on the data the patients get lasered again at the tumorlocations from the first day but the time and intensity can be different then the first day.

Some patients even cann't get lasered again because the first lasering caused swellings during the first night. after the lasering again the patient gets several hours total body lighting with the LEDlamps. No further injectiuons wiht radachlorin are needed.

At day three , four and five the patient gets only total bodylighttreatment with the LEDlamps and the radachlorin levels are measured not everyhour but just twice a day.

Till now the patient has to stay for at least two weeks in the clinic and gets additional several vitamin injections for detoxification and f.i. ozontherapy etc. but this is individual patient dependent and also what the clinic where the patient gets the SYLT, can offer. When the patient gets home there is a discussio

n about if they have to use LEDlamps at home or not and if they have to take photostim-radachlorofyl from Mierlo Hout c.q. internet - bioresource.. as far as I know now this is individual dependent and also dependent on the kind of cancer and the stage of the cancer/tumours.

Andrei told me that the SYLT asks a lot of the energylevel of the patient because all the necrotic tissue has to be kicked out by the own immunesystem and using the the LEDlamps give the patient more energy and stimulates the immuneproces which wil hopefully start after the SYLT.

Andrei also said walking every day several hours in the sun, not in the bright sun in f.i. Florida but more in the hourrs bvfore 11 and after 15.00 h. will give the same boost to the immunesystem and energylevel. Radachlorofyl seems to be an immune stimulator but I have the idea that this is also a commercial story and stimulating the energylevel can also be done by other vitamins etc.

But of course I don't know this for sure and talk about this with your physician who have to be independent and should give you advise on no commercial base but pure on medical base. In my eyes in this you better rely on Dr. Wöppel and Dr. Reiss.

This is the protocol of the SYLT so far and later I hope to write more about the side effects. But maybe the patients among our embers of this group can help us with that? Now already some important remarks:

The tumormarkers will raise probably skyhigh the first weeks after the SYLT, but if you measure these markers also look at the CRP markers, the trombocytes and leucocytes. These markers tell a lot about the inflammation.

Because after the SYLT there will develop about three till six weeks after the SYLT treatrment inflammation. If you had tumours which were visible they will die and fall off after several months, completely necrotic, of you have tumours inside the body the inflammation can cause pain and quite severe reactions. Lungcancerpatients and colon/liverpatients can get severe side effects caused by these inflammations.

Liver and kidney gets under high pressure and please drink lots of clean water or green tea. And uses the vitamin protocol from the physician who describes these extra vitamins.

You will probably feel very tired the first two months and very often the SYLT will to have be repeated after three months. You get then the same protocol ad treatment procedure but the reactions will be often milder and better to handle. In 1 till 6 treatments maximum within 14 months the cancer has to be gone and you have to be cured then, told Andrei me last week again.

You also will gets a lot of remarks from regular oncologists if you tell them what you are doing but in my opinion listen carefull to the physician who gave the treatment and follow her/his instructions.

SYLT is new and experimental and was several years in wrong hands - Bill Porter - but in my opinion now there is a good protocol and is it all in good hands. Though still experimental and still there isn't a complete clear protocol for f.i. the after care and doesn't nobody know exactly about the efects of SYLT.

But the results show this treatment is very very promising is my opinion.

One question for the patients who got already this SYLT:

I like to invite you, Mieke, Hans, Mieke, Lilian and Jan f.i. are the Dutch patients I know who got the SYLT lately, to write us every week at least in a kind of diary about your experiences as well emotional as well physical. So we can help each other to understand the side effects and to help each other in what to do against certain side effects.

Author: Gr. Kees Braam

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