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Connecticut Sea Grant researchers have found synthetic growth hormones that could shorten the growth time needed for farm-raised fish to reach market size.

Researchers used a technique called transgenics, which transfers DNA from one species to another, to stimulate growth hormone production.

Early results are promising, researchers said. When they transferred the rainbow trout growth hormone gene into common seafood species like carp, catfish and tilapia, the altered fish grew 60 to 600 percent larger. They also found applying a synthetic growth hormone-releasing peptide was successful. This suggests the peptide, as well as the hormone itself, can stimulate growth.

Researchers are working further to find a peptide to protect farm-raised rainbow trout and other seafood from disease, which often plagues aquaculture operations. The techniques could result in commercial transgenic fish that reduce both the amount of time and feed needed to grow fish to market size.

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