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Functions Better By Giving it Nutritional Support

The liver is the largest organ of the body. It processes all pharmaceuticals and supplements. Symptoms of dysfunction include:

-toxic buildup in the body -low energy levels -digestive problems -depression -headaches -dizziness -joint pain -sleeping disorders -dry skin or exzema -irritability -PMS -cancer

All of the above could be describing other problems but as you grow to be aware of your body, you will better know what various symptoms are related to.

TAKE A LOOK AT THE SECTION ON HERBS-Milk Thistle can have a good effect on the liver.

Ann has overdosed on herbs from time to time and experienced some of the above symptoms. Stopping the herbs or supplements will restore balance to the body.

The liver has the following functions: -regulation of hormones -storage of vitamins and minerals -storage of glucosamine and release of glucose as needed -purification of the blood -detoxification of edotoxins and exotoxins -removal of heavy metals -aiding in control of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems

Some alternative researchers say the best way to deal with the liver is to clear the digestive system. Clear out Candida, bacterial overgrowth, fungal infections and parasites. Not as easy to do as to say. Colonics help in this process.

Aspirins and other drugs of that class actually harm the mucosal barrier, so during this period, avoid them.

Some ways to help improve health in the intestines: -Drink Aloe vera. This helps to heal irritations in the tract or stomach. It can kill bacteria. -Take fructo oligosaccharide. This is possibly the active ingredient in many herbs. -Eat garlic, cayenne pepper and ginger. -Drink carrot and green juices daily.** -Use dietary fiber (psyllium husks are often recommended) -Drink green tea or take capsules -Use unsaturated Fatty acids (Omega 3-flaxseeds) -N-acetyl cysteine -sylmarin or milk thistle (liver supportive herb)

**A good juicer is the Champion. It cleans easily. That is one of the most important aspects of a juicer as anyone who ever had one knows. The Champion or other brands shaped the same way can be great. Just put a plastic bag sealed with a rubber band around the "snout" and juice away.

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