Susan Zimmerman, artist, cancer survivor

To: Philip Smith, Editor-In-Chief, LifeExtension Foundation Magazine


Words seem insufficient to express my gratitude to you for publishing the interview with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski (written by Terri Mitchell) in the May, 2004, issue of your magazine. You may well have saved my life, and certainly improved the quality of it.

I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 1978, enjoyed two long remissions, then discovered liver and lung metastases in the Fall of 2000. Since then I have been researching where to go and what to do to extend my life, using my body as a laboratory.

In the past year and a half I made eight visits to Dr. Douwes' Klinik St. Georg in Germany, where I received low-dose chemo along with hyperthermia, which put me into brief remissions.

Always I relapsed in about eight weeks and had to return, and all those trips to Germany became too difficult.

What to do next? That is when your interview appeared. Of course I had heard of Dr. Burzynski and his antineoplastins, and his persecutions and prosecutions by the FDA. I had no idea that he was still in business, saving lives at his Clinic in Houston, as he has been doing for over twenty-five years.

I went there, began his oral form of treatment at the beginning of May, and ever since then my tumor markers have stablized (two are within normal range, one is close), my recent CT scan appears unchanged, I have energy and feel WELL. This is the longest period of well-being I have enjoyed in eons.

"No progression of disease" is considered response to treatment; now we are tweaking my protocol for even better results. This is the easiest cancer treatment I have ever had: non-toxic, minimal side effects (dry mouth, for example.)

Funny how times change: at present the FDA is joining forces with Dr. Burzynski to conduct clinical trials of the IV antineoplastons. People with cancers below the neck can walk in and be treated with the oral form (Aminocare A10 and sodium phenylbuterate, know as PB) today.

Please be my partner in spreading the word of what's possible...


Susan Zimmerman

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