Surgery Major Factor:Bca Micromets

Br J Cancer 2001 Aug;85(4):490-2

Does surgery modify growth kinetics of breast cancer micrometastases?

Demicheli R, Valagussa P, Bonadonna G

Istituto Nazionale Tumori via Venezian 1, Milano, 20133, Italy

Surgery should be considered as a major perturbing factor for metastasis development in laboratory animals. The different time distribution of mortality for 1173 patients undergoing mastectomy in comparison with 250 untreated patients suggests that primary tumour removal could result in changes of the metastatic process even for breast cancer. Copyright 2001 Cancer Research Campaign.

PMID: 11506484, UI: 21397877

Margins of Excision & Recurrence

Am J Clin Onco, 10/02

Close Surgical Margins and Recurrence - Breast Ca
Study:No Surgery Decreases Survival

SABCS, 12/03

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