Sun Soup, created by Dr. Alexander Sun

From the Moss Report, July 23, 2006 " Alexander (Alex) S. Sun, PhD, 67, founder of the Connecticut Institute for Aging and Cancer and of the Sun Farm Soup Co., Milford, CT, passed away several weeks ago. According to his son, Linus Sun, PhD, the cause was a sudden and fatal cardiac arrhythmia while exercising".

8/03 From the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine's 2003 Summer Quarterly Report:

"Dr. Sun has been unable to obtain federal funding for five years for such a study, even though he has published Phase II trials that document the promising beneficial effects of his therapy for NSCLC, the number one cancer killer in the world. He has also completed extensive studies to ensure the quality of the product (active compounds, pesticide, and heavy metal analysis) and developed a blood test to monitor patient compliance.

The Phase III study will begin later this year in collaboration with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Harvard University. Through the dedicated work of Dr. Sun, CTRF and the NFAM staff, we have allowed this very important study to proceed despite the five-year delay imposed by the government funding agencies."

Ann Fonfa's Comments:

I had heard about this food product back in 1995 when I paid for and received a report from the Moss Reports, put together for me personally by Ralph Moss, PhD. (

The report cost about $250 and was the result of my submitted medical papers. It listed 10 different suggestions from Dr. Moss for ways to fight the recurrence of breast cancer that I was experiencing. One of these was Sun Soup.

I was able to buy the product from the husband of a breast cancer patient who had died. She did not actually use it but had it in her freezer. I bought about 20 protions and put it in my freezer. After a while I began eating them.

I believe I ate one at dinner time each night until I used them up. The ingredients were listed on the label. They were Chinese foods. The taste was very bland. I was doing many things for my protocol and was unsure if the soup had helped or not.

However, in 1998 I attended the first conference held by the Center for Mind/Body Medicine called Comprehensive Cancer Conference.

At the first one, Dr. Sun spoke eloquently about his soup product. He had designed it with cancer patients in mind. His own elderly mother, who was present at the meeting, had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Part of her treatment had been his soup. He credited it with saving her life.

I believe he has been given approval to begin a clinical trial.

More about this product can be found on the website of the Center for Mind/Body Medicine (conference proceedings).

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Ann Fonfa's comments at this meeting

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