The Project collects reports from patients/activists/advocates

 from conferences, meetings and events.

  Here are some of interest.

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You will also find articles on issues that require the intervention of advocates. In the past 5 years, many articles have appeared in medical journals and newspapers indicating troubled areas.

These include research, publication,funding, treatment, recruitment to clinical trials, and much more.


SUMMARIES:Evidence-based CAM Cancer Therapies Conf
SUMMARIES:Evidence-based CAM Cancer Therapies Conf

Conferences sponsored by the Annie Appleseed Project, Delray Beach, FL - includes 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


Ideas for Reform, Safety,Why RTCs are not working as we hoped, much more... & OBITUARIES

ASCO Meetings

1999,2000, 2001, 2002 Am Soc of Clinical Oncologists 2003 abstracts, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

NIH Meetings: Nutril Genomics/Proteomics Ca Prevention (MORE)

September 5-6,2002 and many others

Am Institute for Cancer Research
Am Institute for Cancer Research

Meeting summaries

Nutritional Oncology Adjuvant Therapy

Meeting summaries NOAT

Excerpts: various San Antonio BCA Symposia

December 2000, includes a talk on Alternative Medicine December 2001-2004

Am Assoc for Cancer Research

AACR meeting summaries, includes Frontiers in Cancer Prevention FIRST EVER Science of Cancer Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnic Minorities & Med Underserved 2007

Am College for Advancement in Medicine

May 16-18, 2003 Summary

Various FDA Meetings, Events, Advocacy

Topics of interest, summaries and presentations

Cancer Control Society

Meeting Summaries, 1999, 2001, 2010

Summary Reports Prostate Cancer conferences

variety of reports different authors/attendees

Cancer on the Internet

June 2003 and 2004 information New York, NY And articles that relate

Am Holistic Nurses Assoc: Renewing Health Care: A Journey to New Heights

June 2008

Update on Complementary Thrps, Herbs&Other Botanicals in Cancer Care

May 20, 2008 Report by Sara Messina

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance 11th Annual Conf

Washington, DC July 7-10, 2008

Clinical Trials/Studies

Explanations/discussions/strategies Read an advocate's perspective on studies and testing

Critical Appraisal of the Literature

Understanding physician overload, advice on how to understand studies and current medical treatment

Testimony/Information on NCCAM

National Center For Complementary & Alternative Medicine (information, link)

27th Annual AMA Medical Communications Conference

April 12-14, 2007 Summary by Gina Petrak

International Breast Cancer Roundtable

June 7, 2000 New York City

Era of Hope - various meetings
Era of Hope - various meetings

Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research June 2000 & September, 2002, June 2005

White House Commission on Comp & Alt Medicine Policy

December 2000 report, JNCI and Jan 23 meeting Call for Clinical Trials 2/02

NBCC meetings

Brussels, March 1997 & other meetings

Global Seminar Mandarin-speaking Breast Ca Support Groups

Written by Rui-Yu Fong Patient and Family Services ACS-Eastern Division, New Jersey Chinese Unit (973)334-2249 x 1 (2006 event)

Comprehensive Cancer Care I (1999)

David Blask, MD, PhD on MELATONIN

Integrative Medicine Clinicians 2004

Report by Louise Lento

TCM Talk/Articles

March 12, 2001 at SHARE, NYC

Chemotherapy Foundation

Several Meetings included here

Consensus Conference, November 2000 Ann Fonfa/other breast cancer advocates quoted

Survive & Thrive After Cancer

Mid-Hudson Options Project meeting, 11/10/01

California Breast Cancer Symposium

March 9-10, 2002 Oakland, CA

Aneuploidy Theory of Cancer

David Rasnick, PhD

Matthias Rath, MD Talk

Town Hall, NYC May 11, 2002

World Conference on Breast Cancer

June 4-8,2002 Victoria, B.C. and 2005, Proposed 2007 Philippines

Etiology Working Group Plan for Circadian Disruption Workshop

Steering Committee meeting, 1999-2000

Cochrane Collaboration: Evidence-based Healthcare

About Cochrane Includes Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare - CUE, and reports from annual Colloquiums

9th Biennl Symp: Minorities & Med Underserved Cancer

Report by Ann Fonfa March 2004

9th Annual Conference: "Clinical Practice Guidelines"

Ft Lauderdale, FL March, 2004 NCCN

European Cancer Conferences

Selected presentations, 2004, 2005 & EBCC6, 2008 - full conference report

Cancer, Culture & Literacy, 5/04

Report from former Board member, Blue Walcer, MPH

Medical Marijuana Meeting

Charlottesville, VA, 5/04

Non-Pharmaceutical Approaches to Mental Disorders

Safe Harbor sponsors June 5-6, 2004 Glendale, CA

Lance Armstrong Foundation:CARE program

Report by Board Member, Blue Walcer, MPH 8/04

Food as Medicine

Training course from Center for Mind-Body Medicine June 2004

Canadian Advocacy Issues

Sandi Pisnauski, Ovarian cancer patient and advocate, 5/02

Society for Integrative Oncology meeting

First ever meeting - 2004, 2005, 2006

Emerging Topics in Breast Ca & the Environment

Report by Ann Fonfa, November 4-6, 2004 Princeton, NJ


Training Program, March 12-19, 2005 Ann Fonfa was a participant

Survivorship Issues

Various sources First post, April 2005

Oncology Nursing Society - 30th Annual Congress

April 28 - May 2, 2005 Orlando, FL

Traditional Foods, Diets & Lifestyles

Reports from advocates who attended this very interesting event

Michigan Symp For Integrative Oncology

Held September 23, 2005 Report by Holly Kiger, RN, MN

Leonardis Klinik Summary 11/05 CARE meeting, NJ

Summarized by Neil Lagala

California ACS meeting on CAM

December 5, 1997

Database to check health licenses

Rhode Island Department of Health offers guidance for patients

Ctr for Advancement in Cancer Educ

11/01 meeting summary Includes info on Dendritic cells

American Bar Assocation To Help

Breast cancer patients with legal issues get help-7/00

Role of Yoga & Nutrition in Cancer Management

4th Intl Seminar on Complementary Therapies in Cancer Management, 2/04/06 Hyderabad, India

3rd Annual Conf Am Psychosocial Oncology Society 2006

Report by Rita Calderon, LCSW

World Cancer Congress, 2006

Washington, DC July 2006 Reported by Ann Fonfa and 2007 MASCC abstracts

N. Am Res Conf: Complementary & Integrative Med

Abstracts from this conference, May, 2006

1st Intl Congress Complmntry & Alt Treatments in Ca

J Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2005

Intn'l Conf on Prostate Cancer, 2006

Reported by David S. Most October 19-22, 2006

Natural Source Symposium

October 28, 2006 Columbia University, New York City

Environment & Bca 10/94

Still being debated

Livestrong Summit October 2006

Austin TX, Summary by Linda Bily

2006 Rife International Health Conference

Health Horizons Wellness Scientific Assembly

Written by Suzanne Gauvreau, Patients' Best Friend, MI

No Am Res Conf Complementary & Integrative Medicine

May 2007

Integrative Medicine, Munich, Germany, April 2008
Integrative Medicine, Munich, Germany, April 2008

Integrative Medicine, Munich, Germany April 2008

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

August 13-16, 2008 Phoenix, AZ

Cancer & Nutrition: The Cancer Project

Washington, DC August 15, 2008

Frontiers in Bca Res meeting 9/97

Report on Health Benefits of Vit D meeting

Report by John Cannell, MD Exec Dir Vit D Council Posted, August 2008

Bioelectric Therapy

A talk by George O'Clock

Dr. Wm. Fair speaks

A urologist with colon cancer

Raymond Chang, MD (Integrative Medicine)

11/01 talk on herbs, supplements, etc.

Strang Intl Cancer Prevention Conference 1998

Various studies, as reported

Science of Cancer Health Disparities

Nov/Dec, 2007 Atlanta, GA

Lynne Farrow - Breast Cancer Choices
Lynne Farrow - Breast Cancer Choices

CARE, Ridgewood, NJ, September 2008

National Quality Forum (Nat'l Policy Conference

Report by Pat Haugen, Advocate, South Dakota

Sharing Hope: Tumor Talk

Reported by Ann Fonfa President, The Annie Appleseed Project

High School student showcases Annie Appleseed Project

February 2009 High School Showcase event

Institute of Medicine on Integrative Health
Institute of Medicine on Integrative Health

February 25-27, 2009

Dr. Ursula Jacob - summary of talk

Prepared by Susan B. CARE Group, NJ

No Am Res Conf: Complementary & Integrative Med
No Am Res Conf: Complementary & Integrative Med

May 12-15, 2009 Minneapolis, MN

Canadian Naturopathic Doctors Conference 2009

Montreal, Canada June 2009

Living Beyond Breast Cancer - 2010 Atlanta, GA

February 2010 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Young women with breast cancer

2nd Annual Oncology Massage Summit

April 2010

Functional Medicine Symposium 2010

May 2010

5th Annual Joining Force Against Hereditary Cancer

June 2010 Orlando, FL Report by Toni Muirhead, Oncology Massage Professional

Pediatric Oncology Meeting summaries

Linda McDonald, board member, Annie Appleseed Project, 10/2010

Ruthy Waston Breast Cancer Issues conference
Ruthy Waston Breast Cancer Issues conference

October 2010 West Palm Beach, FL

Integrative Health Care Symposium 2011

March 2011, New York, NY By Rosalie Yelen

MASCC Symposium 2011 Summary
MASCC Symposium 2011 Summary

Athens, Greece, June 2011

Federation of  European Nutrition Societies, Oct 2011
Federation of European Nutrition Societies, Oct 2011

Madrid, Spain October 2011

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