Susan Butler, Founding Member Ovarian Cancer Nat'l Alliance

Susan was a "twofer". She was diagnosed with both breast and ovarian cancer on the same day. She chose to work in the ovarian cancer arena because there was so much need and she helped shape and change the course of the disease for women diagnosed with oc.

She began by entering a clinical trial at the NCI where she received a 3 drug cocktail. Survival for women with advanced ovarian cancer was about 2 years at that time. While all of the women who were in the trial eventually died from oc, each of them survived far longer than was thought possible.

Susan was, to quote her "the last one standing". Susan had an initial remission of 13 years before her oc came back.

Within a year of finishing treatment Susan began mobilizing women with oc.

She was a founding member of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance as well as the local gyn advocacy group in the DC area. She served as a member of the first DCLG panel under Richard Klausner. More recently she has been the Exec Director of the DC Cancer Consortium, a group devoted to bringing better cancer care to people in the DC area, many of whom live near some of the best cancer centers in the country and don't have

She was very proud and happy that a Patient Navigator program has been rolled out by the Consortium and while battling end stage ovarian cancer continued to work at the Consortium so she could see this work completed.

Susan Butler died in December 2010

Written by Diane Paul

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