Studies on Tea

Tea is healthy - many studies show not just green tea (which is often in the news) but all types of tea. In animal studies green tea is the only effective type but in human studies, all teas seem beneficial.

White Tea to Fight Cancer

Colo-rectal cancer in rats studied 3/00

Potent Inhibitor Shown

Cancer Journal (online) 2/01

Chemopreventive Effects of Tea Extracts-Pancreatic/Prostate

Nutr Cancer, 1999

Green Tea Protects Against Prostate Cancer
Protective Effect in Gastric/Esophogeal
Chronic Stomach Inflammation & Ca

Int'l J of Cancer, 2001

Green Tea & Gastrointestinal Cancer
Catechins  Bioavailable w/ Black Tea

J Nutrition, June, 2001

Black Tea/Theaflavin
Equally Effective Antioxidants:Theaflavins&Catechins
Dietary Compounds Against Mutation in Rodent

J Nutrition, 11/01

Coffee No Cause of Breast Cancer

Karolinska Institute, Sweden 12/01

Antioxidant Levels Vary Widely

Am Soc for Clinical Nutrition meeting, 2/02

Theanine Enhances/Reduces Cancer Letters Toxicology Letters, 11/02

Green/White Tea = NSAIDS  & Colon Tumors

Carcinogenesis, 2/03

(Black) Tea Supports Immune Function

Proc of the Natl Acad Sciences 4/03

Red Tea

Not clear if this abstract was published

Sources for Organic Tea


Tea Lowers Blood Pressure in Older Women

J Nutr, 9/03

Healthy Power of Tea - Cancer, Hypertension, Heart Disease

Harvard Women's Health Watch, 10/04

Letter from a Doctor

Sent to us 8/05

Thea sinensis melanin prevents cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity ()mice

J Food and Chemical Toxicology, July 2007

Speech by S.H. Lee, MD on Tea

Presented at CAM Expo West Los Angeles, CA 10/7/05

Tea drinking  associated w/benefits on bone density in older women

Am J Clin Nutr, 2007; 86(4): 1243-7 September (?) 2007

Anti-Inflammatory & Chemopreventative Effects of Chai Tea

LINK: The Anti-Inflammatory and Chemopreventative Effects of Chai Tea

By Tina Kazcor, ND, FABNO

Speaker at the Annie Appleseed Project's 2nd Annual Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference, January 2009

Chai Tea

Posted from various sources, June 2010

Green Tea

Variety of articles

Cancer Preventive Agents-Green Tea/Quercetin etc.
Green Tea & Her-2/Neu: Benefits Shown (In vitro)
Green Tea and CLL
Green Tea and Breast Cancer
Green Tea Inhibits Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
ECGC Protects Aginst Damage from UVA Radition
Organic India USA

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