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August 2008 Safely dispose of unwanted drugs:

Posted 11/07

Drugs as anti-nutrients

Margaret Moss a

a MA (Cantab), UCTD (Manchester), DipION, CBiol, MIBiol, Director of the Nutrition and Allergy Clinic, 11 Mauldeth Close, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, Cheshire SK4 3NP


Purpose: To collate evidence on nutrient deficiencies caused by drugs.

Design: Search of Medline and other databases, and published literature.

Materials and methods: Medline, Scirus and Google Scholar databases, journal articles and books.

Results: There is evidence that many drugs, medicinal or recreational, produce deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and/or amino acids. Some drugs cause multiple deficiencies.

They may reduce conversion of vitamins to their active forms, or inhibit the production of important metabolites. By killing beneficial bacteria in the gut, they may cause vitamin deficiency. They may reduce absorption, or cause excretion of nutrients.

Conclusions: Many drugs have been identified, which appear to cause deficiencies in essential nutrients and their metabolites. Nutrients could be prescribed with drugs, to limit the damage done, provided that this does not undermine the action of the drugs.

Further research is needed to confirm the results of those studies that have been carried out, and to find out about nutrient depletion from new drugs.

6/03 Consumers can NOW report adverse drug effects directly to FDA.

Many pieces of new information are tossed out by researchers. Maybe your health care provider has read about these items, maybe not. Since it is YOUR LIFE, you need to know. The Project believes that information is power.

Check out what interests you.

These pieces come from conferences and studies.

Some suggestions for ways to handle unwanted effects can be found in our section (Studies then Non-Toxic...)

Bone Mets/Bone Density/Loss

June 2000 presentation at the International Congress on Bone Metastases

5-Year Prevention Study Results
Osteonecrosis of the Jaws-Bisphophonate Use
#2986 Chemo Causes Loss of Bone Mineral Density
Safety & Efficacy of Bisphosphonates
Bone Size Matters as Much as Density
Int'l Bone & Mineral Soc/Euro Calci Tissue Soc
Gentle Vibration Improves Bone Growth
Surgical Treatment for Skeletal Mets from Bca
FDA Approves Zoledronic Acid
Aredia Cuts Hormone Thpy Bone Loss-Prostate
Bone Mass & Vit D Deficiency
Laser-Induced Thermotherapy & Mets
Cryosurgery & Bone Metastases
BMT:20 yrs later Immunity Almost Normal
Osteopathic Effect of Bca Chemo
Clodronate & Primary Operable Bca
Back Exercises & Spine Fractures
Site of Bone Mets & Prognosis:Prostate Ca
Treatment for Male Osteoporosis
Phyto-estrogens & Osteoporosis: Safe Dose?
Nutritional Considerations in Osteoporosis:Review
One-Time RTx Eases Bone Pain (NOT TWO WEEKS)
Olive Oil & Phenols Prevent Inflammation (Ovariectomised Rats)
Dietary Calcium vs Supplements
Tea drinking associated w/benefits on bone density in older women
Restore Bone - Fructooligosaccharide and Dried Plum
30 mg Pamidronate= LESS Osteonecrosis in Multiple Myeloma
Adj Therapy & Cognitive Function - Chemo Brain

Study in Journal of Clinical Oncology shows there is "chemo brain" 7/00

Other Studies On Chemo Brain
Neuropsychologic Impact of Standard Dose Systemic Chemo
Subtle Cognitive Deficits Remain
Radiation Induces Neural Precursor-Cell Dysfunction
Current Knowledge/Research Directions-Bca
Diet in Cognitive Decline
Vitamins E & C: Cognitive Function
Abnormal Regional Brain Metabolism After Chemo
Card Game Tests Cognitive Functions
Cognitive Functioning Before Chemo: BCa
Physical Activity, Walking & Cognitive Function: Older Women
Long-term Cognitive Deficits/Dementia From Cancer
Radiation Issues

8/29/00 Journal of Surgical Oncology

Comprehensive Recommendations:Radiation Oncology
Radiation:Cure or Cause-Dr.John Gofman
Erythropoietin /Anemia Drugs:WORSE Survival
Angiostatin May Enhance RTx Effects
Radiotherapy Benefit or Not?
Low-Dose Radiation Can Be Trouble
RTx & Rectal Ca
Radiation/Prostate/ LUNGS
Radiation Damage Through Generations (MICE)
RTX Not Good w/other diseases
Lung Injury From Ionizing Radiation
Alice Stewart -Warnings on Radiation
Wound Complications & Radiotherapy:Sarcoma
Protective Effects of Boerhaavia diffusa L. Against Radiation—Induced Damage
Husband/Activist:Whole Brain RTx
Healing Radiation Scars - Pentoxifylline
Cardiovascular Complications of Cancer Therapy
Technique Changes Reduce Radiation from CT Scans
New standards needed for radiation therapy
Radioprotective Effect of American Ginseng on Human Lymphocytes
Chemotherapy Issues

Various articles

Pre-treatment: Dietary Supplements/Cisplatin
Value of Anthracyclines Questioned
Early Stage Colon Cancer/Chemo (Patient perspective)
Prognostic Disclosure: Near End of Life
Protective effect of hawthorn extract:cyclophosphamide (Mice)
Second & Next Chemo: What do we KNOW?
Chemo-induced Toxicities Reviewed
Antioxidants in Cancer Therapy-Review of Literature
Lung Ca Chemo MORE Costly, No Diff in Survival
Oral Oncology Products
Lancet: Comparison of Chemo for Colon Ca
Less Cycles of CMF (adj chemo)
Opening Line of this Paper tells a Sad Tale
Cancer Medicine's Dark Corners
Carcinomatous Menigitis:Taxane Induced?
Acute Myeloid Leukemia:Doxi & RTx
Circadian Timing of Cancer Chemotherapy
Taxanes in Adj Early Stage Bca
Excessive Tearing & Canalicular Blockage:Docetaxel
Effects of Black Cohosh on Chemotherapies
Chemo for Brain Mets Based on Chemosensitivity of Tumor
Severe Hepatic Sinusoidal Obstruction W/ Oxaliplatin
Bowel Perforation & Fistula Formation W/Bevacizumab
Chemo-induced Diarrhea & Dosing Intensity
PABA Enhances Conventional Cancer Therapies
High-dose Chemo and Cell Support
HER2 & Response to Paclitaxel in Node-Positive Breast Cancer
Are Clinical Trials Really The Answer

Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1995 Discussion on trials and nutrition

Informed Consent Not Always Given
Thrombotic Complications

The Oncologist, 4/04

Blood clots in Cancer Pts
Avastin significantly increases risk Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
Decision-making on Adj Chemo

J Clin Onc, 12/03

Lymph Node Neg & Chemo-Identify Who Benefits
Gene Test for BCA Pts May Help Avoid Chemo for Some
Factors Assoc w/Extreme Drug Resistance Assay (Bca)
Why Chemotherapy May Lead To Cancer
Test to Predict Chemo Response
How to Calculate the Dose of Chemotherapy
Collagen Gel Droplet to Predict Cell Kill
Absolute #s BEST for Discussing Treatment Options
Novel Gene Analysis May Reduce Unnecesary Chemo
Low-Dose "Metronomic" Chemo

Excerpts Robert S. Kerbel, Ph.D. University of Toronto

Metronomic Dosing of Cytotoxic Drugs in Mice
G. Klement , Ontario Canada on Metronomic Dosing
Patient Perspective from Sybil Brabner
Differences in Therapeutic Indexes
Low Dose Oral Methotrexate & Cycophosphamide
Dana Farber has Metronomic Type Trial
Hyperthermia & Metronomic Chemo:Rat Mammary Ca
Anti-ANGIOGENIC Basis:Metronomic Chemo
AVASTIN Alert Issued
Lung Cancer: Studies and Issues

Surgery results

Equal Survival:Shorter Chemo Course
Influence of Hospital Volume on Survival After Resection
RadioFrequency Ablation Surgery
Herbal Medicine
Risk of Death & Postop Radiotherapy
CT Scanning: Lung CA
Iressa:Cause of Death in Lung Cancer Patients
Celecoxib, Medroxyprogesterone, Dietary :Lung Ca
PET Shows Radiation-induced Changes to Lungs
Risk factors for acute esophagitis: Non-small cell Lung Ca
Ä-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol inhibits growth & metastasis of lung cancer
Liposome vs Standard Doxorubicin

J Clin Oncol, March 2001 Breast cancer pts-6% v 21% cardiotoxicity

Early Cardiac Damage from Epirubicin
Cardiovascular Trials:Long-term Childhood Survivors
Skin Toxicity with Liposomal Doxorubicin
External Beam Radiation Impairs Arteries

J Am Coll Cardiol, March 2001

Radiation Affects Tiny Blood Vessels
X-Rays and Airplane Travel-Dr.J. Gofman et al
Accelerated Chemo/Standard Doses

J Clinical Oncology. April, 2001

Patients' Expectations & Nausea from Chemo
Reality of Nausea/Vomiting: Pt perspective differs
Chemo-Induced Vomiting (BCa Pts)
Nausea Relief
Anti-Vomiting Component Isolated
Chemo in Animals

J Cancer Research 4/01 (Animal study)

Peripheral Pain Responses to Paclitaxel (Rats)
Liver/Kidney Problems Caused by Chemotherapy

The Oncologist, Vol6, No.2, April, 2001

Kidney Damage Affirmed with Bevacizumab-Chemo Combo
Noncardiogenic Pulm Edema-Chemo Complic

The Oncologist, 4/01

Food Intake/Bioavail & Efficacy

Euro J Cancer, 3/02

Grapefruits & Their Juice
PhotoDynamic Therapy

Presented at Am Assoc of Neurological Sciences, April 2001

PDT & Esophageal Dysmotility
Effective Antitumor Vaccine w/PDT
PhotoDynamic Therapy For Prostate
PhotoDynamic Therapy for NSCLC
Indole-3 Acetic Acid Enhances PDT
Luciferin as photosensitizing Agent
Neoadj Photodynamic Therapy for Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma
Advanced CaTreatment Ctr - Xytos (Photodynamic Therapy)
Prostate Treatment Issues/Studies

Various articles

Specialists Steer (Prostate)Pts To Own Therapies
Benefits/Downside of Prostate Ca Therapies
Observation as Management is Right for Some

Various articles

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)
Protein Packaging to Enhance MRI Contrast
Bca Mortality Higher in Radiation Techs
Abdominal CT Dose Should Vary by Size
Pineapple Juice as Negative Oral Contrast Agent MRI
Warm Blanket Reduces Chance of False Positives: PET Scans
Milk as a Contrast Agent for CT Scans
Are CT Scans Safe?
Campath Approval Deaths in Trial

Reuters Health article,May 7, 2001

Cardiac Damage

JCO, May 2001

Doctors' Guide Review of this Study
Cardiac Effects:Adj Chemo & Radiation
High Incidence of Central Nervous System Involvement
Effects of Dose-Intensive Chemo/Radiotherapy
Cardiotoxic Potential of Anti-Emetics (5-HT3)
Periodontal Infection & High-dose Chemo
Cardiac Peptide Gives Early Warning of Injury (Bca treatment)
Doxorubicin Riskier for the Heart
Gated Heart Test & Others Before Chemo
Gleevec Can Cause Heart Failure
Long-Term Cardiac Trouble & Adjvt Chemotherapy
Heart failure associated with sunitinib
Toxic  Drug: Camptosar (irinotecan)

NEJM notified, May 2001

St. John's Wort Weakens Camptosar's Effects
Radiotherapy Problems:Brain Cancer Pts

Neurology, May,2001

Survival Patterns

J Cancer, 6/01

Polychemo-randomized overview
Chemotherapy: Long Term Results
Overview of Chemotherapy Effects in Bca
Discussion on "choosing" Chemo
Second Cancers After Treatment
Therapy/Survival Ewing's Tumors
Cytotoxic Chemo 5-yr Survival Adults
Women and Anesthesia

Medical J of Australia, 9/01

Liver Metastases & Liver Tumors

9/17/01 Doctor's Guide on Italian study

Electrolysis of Liver Tumors
Effective Therapy Lacking for Resectable Hepatocellular Ca
Prognostic Factors for Bca w/Liver Mets
QOL & Anterior Resection Rectal Ca

Br J of Surg, 9/01 FYI for Patients

Evaluation of Policy of Total Mesorectal Excision
Thalidomide Label Warns of Seizure Risk

Reuters Health, 9/11/01

Management of Thalidomide Adverse Effects
Thalidomide Associated with Thromboembolic Events
Pre-Op Chemo-Survival No Better

Doctor's Guide

DNA Much More Important than Ethnicity

Nature News Service, 10/01

Race & the Clinic: Good Science?
Natural Protein Helps Prevent Spread of Ca

Am Chem Soc, 11/01

Pancreatoduodenectomy Study

Brit J Surg, 2001

Duodenal Disease & Prophylactic Colectomy

Gastroenterology, 2001

Ralph Moss comments on Gleevec

12/01 Ralph Moss'comments and some quotes from Oncology Times

Leukemia Gene Morphs & Evades Gleevec
Severe Cutaneous Reactions to Gleevec
BMS-354825 For Gleevec-resistant CML
Altered bone & mineral metabolism in patients Gleevec
Lacrimal Duct & Ocular Toxicity from CMF

Clincal Oncology, 12/01

BOOK: " A Singular View The Art of Seeing with One Eye"
Bca & Meningioma

Jpns J Clinical Oncology, 12/01

Survey of Toxicity Assess & Reporting

J Clin Oncol, 1/02

Unable to Eat Due to Treatment
Unwanted Effects From Anti-Nausea/Vomiting Drugs
Documented Allergies in People w/Cancer
Dexamethasone Reduces Paclitaxel/Doxorubicin Effects
Desensitization from Hypersensitivity Reactions to Chemo
Epidermal Grwth Factor Rcptor Inhibitor–Assoctd Cutaneous Toxicities:
Value of  Cancer Screening

JNCI 2/02

Breath Test To Dectect Ulcers (linked to Cancer)
Possible Blood Test for Colon Cancer
Hand Held Device May Detect Cancer
Diagnsotic Imaging Technique:3TP
Pilot Study: Canine Scent Detection Lung/Breast Ca
Surgical & Node Issues

J Surg Oncol, 2/02

Second Colorectal Cancers Develop Despite Follow-up Tests
Management of Regional Lymph Nodes
Complications of a Gastrostomy Tube
Second Opinion A Necessity, ABC News

Pathology Second Opinions
Interobserver Variability: Pathology
Prozac Linked To Cancer Growth

The Scotsman

Ways to Prevent Medical Errors

Nat'l Council on Patient Information & Education

Endostatin-Phase I Success

J Clin Oncol, 9/02

Tumorigenesis: Clockwork

J Cell, 10/02

Cancer Clocks as Therapy Target
Circadian Rhythms' Effect on Immune Cells: Chemo TOXICITY
Help w/Prescriptions-Convtl Meds

Pharmaceutical & Manufacturer's Association program, 3/03

Up to 1.9 Million Adverse effects-180,000 FATAL
Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Cancer, 5/03

Freezing Tumors Effective Pain Treatment
Understanding the Language of Cancer, 6/03

Patients May Overestimate Unwanted Effect Risks

Lancet, 3/02

Determinants of Chronic Fatigue in Disease-free Pts
Cancer Discovery Would  By-Pass Chemo

J Molecular Cell, 6/03

Alleviating Anemia: Pts Receiving Chemo

Oncology, 10/02

Procrit Trial Halted:BLOOD CLOTS
Erythropoietic Agents as Neurotherapeutic Agents:Barriers?
QoL Benefit w/Epoetin Alfa: Many Tumor Types
Study Finds NO Clinically Significan Diff (Anemia)
Erythropoietin (EPO) during radiation treatments BAD
Pure Red Cell Aplasia from epoetin alfa
Aranesp (Darbepoetin Alfa)
Lilla Romeo, Pt Advocate Quoted on Limits to Anemia Drugs
New Studies on Anemia Drugs' RISKS - FDA
Leading Edge: Erythropoietin analogues UNNECESSARY...
Radiofrequency to Ablate Solid Tumors

Several studies show efficacy, non-toxic - acceptance slow

Liver Cancer and Radiofrequency Ablation
Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation/Tumor Therapy
Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) for Kidney Tumors
RFA and Complete Necrosis of Invasive Bca
Ablation Increases Value of Liposomal Chemo
Radiofrequency Energy Can Kill Solid Tumors in Kidney
Radiofrequency ablation therapy in pts with small breast ca
Hospitalized Ca Pts w/ Severe Sepsis - Analysis

Critical Care, 6/04

Reducing Health-care Related Infections
Gel-based Drug Delivery May Avoid Injections

J Polymer International, 9/04

Circadian Rhythm, Lung Function & Exercise

UPI, 10/04

TIMING of Surgery/Chemo, etc.
Anti Cancer Virotherapy - natural virus used

Press Release, 3/14/05 Presented at 3rd Intl Meeting on Replicating Oncolytic Virus Therapeutics

Meta-analysis: Statins & Cancer Risk  - NO REDUCTION

JAMA. 1/06

Blood Test Detects Cancers

Thanks to Doctors' Guide and Mid Hudson Options Project

FDA Clears Test: Identify Type of Ca in Tumor Sample
MUSHROOM Phellinus linteus works w/Doxorubicin

British J Cancer,

Posted 9/06

Phellinus linteus Induces Apoptosis in Prostate Ca Cells
Future Cancer Risk for Stem Cell Transplant Patients

Cancer (online), 11/06


Various articles, all types of cancer and vaccines Posted 7/07


CancerNet article excerpted, Oct 2008

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