Studies  (not U.S./UK or Canadian)

Collected studies of groups/individuals from many countries other than the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

Breast Cancer:Factors in Bamako (Mali)

Bulletin du Cancer, 4/02

Comparing Bca in Nigeria vs Finland
2nd Philippine Conference on Breast Cancer

A Report, October 28-29, 1999

Plenary Address of Rosa Meneses
Update from the PBCN, February 2002
Australia has a National Hotline

For Breast Cancer patients and family 800 227-271

Australian Women's Explanations of Gynecological Cancers
Naturopathy/Herbalism Consultations Australian Women
Mexico, Later Diagnosis/Earlier Age

Cancer Journal, February 2001

Early Development of Bca in Mexican Women
Familial Breast Cancer in Egypt

Anticancer Res, 7-8/01

Egyptian Women & Treatment Decisions
Psychosocial Support in the Ukraine (Bca)

Western J of Medicine, 11/01

Survival of French Women

Breast Cancer Res Treat, 11/01

Patient Delay & Stage of Diagnosis: Germany

British J of Cancer, 4/02

Smoking Issues

Survey of Thai Smokers


Eur J Cancer, 4/02

Use of CAM in Turkey: Cancer Pts
Nepalese Bca Repro Factors & Japanese

Anticancer Res, 1-2/02

IMMIGRANTS to Sweden:Cancer Risk Changes

Intl J Cancer, 5/02

Second Generation Immigrants:Sweden
Vitamin D Receptor Gene Problem:Taiwanese

Breast Cancer Research & Treatment, 6/02

Breast Health Resource-New Zealand

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Argentina:Valoricemos la Vida

por las mujeres, 6/02

Reactions of Israeli Husbands/Wives/Partners

Euro J Oncol Nursing, 9/02

Familial Risk Factors Among Arab Women in Israel
Incidence-Hong Kong:Westernization?

British J Cancer, 10/02

Illness for Chinese Women/Breast Ca
Experience of Illness: Chinese Women in Hong Kong (Bca)
Food Groups/Colon Cancer In Singapore Chinese

Cancer, 12/02

Importance of Paternal Family History
Bca Pts in Beirut, Lebanon

ASCO Abstract #341, 2003

Argan Oil in Morocco-Cancer Chemoprevention

Euro J Cancer Prevent, 6/03

Female Cancer, Dietary Practices Worldwide

AACR Abstract #2578, 2003

Cancer Pain Assessment Tool in Korea; Validation

Oncology, 9/04

Nutrititive Value of Wild Edible Fruits/Berries/Nuts/Roots/Spices

Ecology of Food & Nutrition, 5-6/05

Polish BioMedical Translations Center

LINK to Polish/English Medical Dictionary

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