Story of Mark with Pancreatic Ca and Liver Mets

On our anniversary, August 10, 2005 ( I think that is the date ) Mark, age 55, from Minnesota called me to tell me that he was referred to me by a friend, as he had advanced pancreatic and liver cancer, confirmed by multiple biopsies and jaundice.

The doctors could only offer him the whipple surgery to remove the head of the pancreas, which would give him about 4 – 6 months to live, otherwise, he would die within a few months.

I told him, “ In a nice way, tell your doctor that you do not want a palliative treatment just to add a few months. Tel him in a nice way that you want something that is going to make you well enough so that when you are 80 years old, you would be capable and accused of adultery, not that your going to do it, just be capable.”

He laughed as he cried. He said he was serious, so was I.

He told the doctor what I told him, and the doctor agreed, and said he was willing to follow Mark for 90 days and if it looked like it was getting worse, then he would stop it and go conventional (surgery, etc.). I told Mark that his doctor was an honorable man and seemed to care about Mark’s well-being, I was happy about that.

Meanwhile, he decided it was “Do or Die” so, he took 16 dosages daily, felt better, he had his bouts with diarrhea and gas at times, controlled by diet changes.

During the end of September, they tested him and were a bit baffled because all was normal and there was no evidence of cancer. They said “let’s watch it because we have never seen this happen before, it might be a fluke period.” No opinions were given except caution.

October 15, testing done: they found “No evidence of cancer” then all three doctors tested him again. His oncologist, endocrinologist and neurologist, each did their own testing and agreed that there was no cancer.

To be honest, Mark was scared out of his wits and was anticipating that the cancer would return, just out of fear.

He just had his bloodwork done this past Monday, November 14. He saw the doctor today. Again, no evidence of cancer. The doctors concluded that the cancer cells are dead and he is cancer free, and that it was a first that they have seen this.

Now the doctors want to record this into JAMA, the Journal of American Medicine Association. They want to talk to me to learn more about this in hopes to apply it and expand their ability within their patient base.

I hope that they are serious, this will allow other doctors to listen with a better keen ear, which in turn will help them to help their patients better.

We have had some very interesting other new cases as well, we might be able to tie them together with this as well. I think that 2006 will become a very interesting year. I just hope that I can survive it,

Submitted by Fred Eichorn, President, National Cancer Research Foundation.

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