Stem Cells for cancer  - in use in Germany

Stem cells are being used by a company in Germany, AmReGen Biopharmaceuticals. Patients from around the world are being treated in Hamburg, Germany. They have an out-patient treatment center. The people actually stay at a five-star luxury hotel.

Ann Fonfa, founder of this site had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hope about this clinic, when they were both on Dr. George Love's radio program February 23, 2009.

One thing he told her was that there is organic food available at the hotel.

Dr. Hope also mentioned how important friends are to a person with cancer. In response to Dr. Love's statement on the importance of destressing, he responded that they srongly support quality of life ath their clinic. He said they accept patients from all over the world and had to be culturally appropriate for any individual's needs.

Dr. Hope stressed that this treatment was effective at all stages of cancer but that with organ failure they had difficulty. Many people are treated by this clinic after they have exhausted conventional therapies, but it is hoped that when the US accepts stem cell research again, it will be viewed as a more mainstream and acceptable treatment approach. It has been built on research done at Stanford University among others.

Dr. Hope will be attending ASCO, the annual meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology whose 2009 meeting will take place in Orlando, FL. The Annie Appleseed Project will have a booth there #301. Stop by if you attend.

Dr. Hope's clinic can be found online at

AmReGen BioPharmaceuticals Inc.

LINK: Hamburg, Germany outpatient clinic

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