Spiritual Surgery Research Project

Hello to all friends of the Casa!

My name is Lauren Delsack and I am an Astrologer currently completing a Master’s Degree in Astrology under Mr. Noel Tyl, as some of you may know, one of the world’s leading Astrologers (http://www.noeltyl.com).

Over the past 30 years, Noel Tyl has made a huge contribution to astrological research, authoring 29 books on Astrology, including the book, “Astrological Timing of Critical Illness: Early Warning Patterns in the Horoscope”.

In March 2003, during my first visit to the Casa de Dom Inácio, I underwent a spiritual surgery. Before leaving Abadiania, I asked Joao ‘in entity’ if he could bless my work. He said he would and added that he would enhance my intuition. I will be returning to the Casa in July 2003. Like many of you, my experiences in Abadiania have changed my life.

I now realize that my life’s fascination with spiritual and supernatural phenomenon, and my deep, passionate commitment to Astrology must be joined together.

I am dedicating myself to an intense research project to discover the relationship between Astrology and the events in our lives surrounding critical illness and spiritual, supernatural healing. As is always the case, major life-changing events are reflected in our astrological charts.

By studying the planetary influences at times of both illness and healing, we can uncover valuable information about the patterns of human growth and development. Particular focus will be on healing tied to spiritual and supernatural occurrences (such as what we have all witnessed or experienced at the Casa de Dom Inacio). And to discover the common planetary influences that exist among us during these critically important developmental periods in our lives.

This project requires an extensive amount of research and I will continually need to gather data on many cases involving spiritual healings. Indispensable astrological discoveries on spiritual healing could arise from this research and open up new fields of astrological study. Your individual experiences are paramount for this project to come to fruition.

Abadiania, Brazil is one of the most precious places in the world for studying the planetary influences involved in miraculous spiritual healings and supernatural phenomenon.

I am extremely sensitive to keeping your identity confidential. And in fact, I do not need to know your identity for my research. In return, I would like to share my astrological findings with all of you who are able to participate in this study.

If you know others that would be interested in participating in this research project, I encourage you to please forward this email to them. I would love to hear from you with any comments or questions you may have.

If you feel that your case would be helpful to this study, please email the following information to me at: pearletc@yahoo.com. I would be very grateful to all of you who are able to participate in this project. I wish you all the very best for a complete healing.

Information needed:

1. Your full date of birth and gender (male or female): (example: July 17th, 1955; female)

2. The exact time of your birth specifying AM or PM and the source of this information:

(example: 2:53 PM, time recorded on my birth certificate)

-Your time of birth can be obtained from your birth certificate. If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate, your time of birth can be obtained from a ‘baby book’, or even a conversation with your mother or father.

You can help your parents, siblings, or relatives remember your time of birth by asking them where they were when they received the news of your birth, i.e. at work, at home, eating dinner, sleeping, in school, etc.).

Even though I know the accuracy of my birth time recorded at 12:01 PM on my birth certificate), my father remembers a massive snowstorm approaching the night before I was born, and my parents decided to spend the night in the hospital. My mother even remembers watching the clock on the wall in the delivery room as it hit 12 noon when I was born!

-If you are not sure of the exact time of birth, but you know approximately what time you were born (say, for example, in the afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00 PM, or in the evening close to midnight), this can be very helpful. If this is your situation, I will need to rectify your birth time.

To do this, please supply me with 4 major life-changing events, such as: relocations, moves, important new jobs, opening a business, getting married, having children, the death of a close relative (parents, grandparents, siblings, or children).

I do not need the exact date of the event (although this would be extremely helpful) but please provide me with the month and year.

3. Your place of birth specifying the city, state or county (if applicable), and country:

(ex: Los Angeles, CA, USA)

-If you are were born in a small village or town, please also include the closest city to your place of birth with the approximate miles or kilometers in distance.

4. The medical term for your particular ailment, disease, disorder, addiction, or condition, with the dates of when you first became aware of the symptoms, and also when you were medically diagnosed with your condition.

-Please supply exact dates where possible, if not, please supply the month and year.

-If your condition cannot be medically diagnosed, please state the symptoms of your illness.

-If you do not have any medical condition, I am still interested in your response to #7 through #10!

5. If you were involved in an accident (which led to your condition), please state the circumstances surrounding this event, with the date of its occurrence (if exact date is unknown, please supply the month and year).

6. Please provide the dates (exact date, or month and year) of any medical surgery(s) with regard to your condition and a few words about the medical results of your surgery(s).

7. To study the occurrences of spiritual healing and supernatural phenomenon, please state the circumstances of how you found out about the Casa de Dom Inacio, and the date this occurred (exact date, or month and year).

8. Please provide the dates (exact dates, or month and year) of your visit(s) to the Casa de Dom Inacio,including the dates of any spiritual surgery(s) and/or other supernatural phenomenon you experienced before, during, or after your visit.

9. Pertaining to your healing, please state the changes that have occurred after visiting the Casa de Dom Inacio. Please supply the dates (exact date, or month and year) when you noticed your condition change. As well, please include the dates and results of any medical diagnose(s) you received after visiting the Casa de Dom Inacio.

10. Please include any other information (including dates) that you feel would be pertinent to this study regarding your particular condition and healing. All supernatural occurrences in your life are welcomed! (please include event(s) and date(s))

**Accurate dates of events are critical to this research: please specify dates as accurately as possible. If exact dates are not known, please specify the month and year. Thank you very much!

Lauren Delsak


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